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7/21/11 2:53 P

I definitely retain water in hot, humid weather. It's been crazy-hot here lately (up to 41'C/106'F), and my body is reacting strongly. I went down a shoe size when I lost weight, but I've had to go back to my "fat shoes" because size 9s are uncomfortably tight at the moment with how swollen my feet are getting in the heat. My guess is that the body holds onto more water when it's hot and humid as a defense mechanism to stave off dehydration.

CD312046 Posts: 509
7/21/11 2:27 P

I think it is water retention and bloating, not actual weight gain, because if you aren't eating the extra calories....where are they going to appear from?
I bloat in a ridiculous way when it's very warm, so it can also look like you've put on weight where you really haven't, so I wouldn't worry, it's just one of those irritating body things...!

BECCADION Posts: 410
7/21/11 1:55 P

My trainer told me that yes humidity can cause WATER weight gain because of retaining water/not sweating.

TINA71268 Posts: 365
7/20/11 11:51 A

In the summer, my legs and ankles swell so badly that I can feel the skin stretch. I know this has to do with humidity. So, if I am retaining so much water, it's got to be affecting my weight.

LUCYCT001 Posts: 66
7/20/11 10:45 A

I suppose we are all different and umidity might cause some people not to sweat as they should and therefore hang onto water. Could it be drinking more as you are so flipping hot?

DAVISSTEVIE69 Posts: 225
7/20/11 10:36 A

Humidity does cause me to retain a little water. I have been that way my entire life, even when I was a teenager and didn't worry about my weight.

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HOPE541 Posts: 516
7/20/11 10:19 A

I've read somewhere that it's actually easier to lose weight in the summer than in the winter. I'm sure humidity is just ONE factor that somewhat influences weight loss.

JDOG1960 Posts: 806
7/20/11 9:01 A

No light shedding from me. I fluctuate anyways with or without humidity. I usually sweat more when it's humid and drink more water but don't know if it's enough to affect my weight. Anyways I wouldn't think it could be enough to be a concern. It's an interesting question.

7/20/11 8:48 A

I have been wondering the same thing! It has been horribly humid here, with temps in 100's...getting to be too much. I have also noticed a two pound increase....hope someone can shed some light on this!

PISCIDS Posts: 503
7/20/11 8:41 A

Ive gained 2 pounds this week but the humidity has been higher this week than most of the summer. I drink 20-25 glasses of water everyday for the past few weeks. I still do my usual workouts of running 5-6 miles. Sometimes it takes me a little longer because of the heat and humid air, but I still do the same distance.

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