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4/23/18 12:55 P

Most days I will just dress for whatever the weather is outside unless it is REALLY nasty (like rain and hail) - cold I find great because I walk all that much faster!

MARTHA324 Posts: 10,037
4/16/18 4:53 P

It was POURING rain this morning and the good news is that I could go to the gym. Unless it is snowy and icy if I can't get to the gym, I will bundle up and walk outside. Last year we were snowed in and I did a couple of exercise videos from Sparkpeople. And I put on dance music and danced around the house.

I do something every day although one or two days/week I don't go all out.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 32,015
4/16/18 1:08 P

When there is snow outside, my exercise is shoveling it.

4/16/18 1:02 P

When it is cold outside it sure makes me move faster - no bad weather just bad fashion choices or so they say - try to get out no matter what the weather is like but I dress for it! Plus snow shoeing is my favourite exercise!

MLAN613 SparkPoints: (412,112)
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4/16/18 6:48 A

@ZORBS13 Yes!!! 14 miles in the storm! Way to go! #noexcuses

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (260,954)
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4/15/18 8:04 P

I cut my long run from 20 to 14 miles. But that was only because no one else wanted to run with me and I won't run 20 miles in an ice storm solo.

MLAN613 SparkPoints: (412,112)
Fitness Minutes: (349,023)
Posts: 24,893
4/15/18 12:23 P

I am in the Twin Cities region of Minnesota. My suburbs got 10 inches of snow yesterday alone and it's still snowing this morning. I had to call in to my part time job yesterday evening because the driving was dangerous and I will probably have to cancel plans today because the roads are still in bad shape.

However, I have a good library of workout DVDs so I got a good workout in yesterday and today; weather is no excuse in my book. In addition to that, I also got some bonus activity shoveling snow twice yesterday and again today. Plus, I made good nutrition choices too.

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KBME22 SparkPoints: (29,731)
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4/15/18 10:39 A

Yes it is spring, but us Wisconsinites are having a snowy icy day. So what do you do for a day like today? I actually going to watch what I eat and a rest day, I exercise 6 days in the roll I deserve it!

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