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7/24/18 6:46 P

Been overweight and dealing with food issues most of my life. At 31I started my own business and at almost 180lbs (5'4). Made changes in diet, joined a crossfit gym, took up running, did a few other things.. and 3 years later I had lost 50 lbs and was in the best shape of my life.

Fast forward 3 years.. I am up 10 lbs, not as fit, knee issues keep me away from running and I have lost my fitness MOJO. I turn 40 in December and I vow to lose 15 lbs, get my fitness level to STRONG and CONFIDENT and ring in my 40's feeling great about my body, mind and spirit.

I know I need help, support and accountability and this is why I just signed up for SPARK PEOPLE today. I have 5 months to reach by goals.

Day 1 starts tomorrow so tonight, grocery shopping, food prep and some planning. Tomorrow I am going to hit the gym! 5 months and 2 days until I turn 40.... nobody else can do it for me.. so HERE I GO!!!!

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