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5/15/18 7:09 P

My bad for not keeping up to date with week 1 results

Week 2 WEC I really enjoyed! 260 points. I weighed in early down 2 pounds.

Week 3 WEC will be a challenge it's steps climbing mountains I will have to push myself getting my steps in. Week healthy habit focus aim for 3 - 8 ounces of water 5 out of 7 days.

Drinking is a trouble spot for me since I've been doing water aerobics class instead of high intensity aerobics.

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5/2/18 9:45 A

BLC37 - 12 Steps to Better Health & Fitness


May 4-7

Week One Challenge is all about taking Baby Steps. Achieving success one step at a time.

Your GOAL for the WEEK ONE Challenge is to Reach for 37 Points per day.

Earn up to 37 positive points a day by completing any of the following activities once per day!
Your CHOICE on how you mix it up...most can be repeated several times during the challenge, but some can only be done ONCE during the challenge….and they DO NOT all need to be done.

Eating Healthy
Earn 2 points by preparing ONE meal at home
Earn 5 points by tracking your meals for at least ONE day
Earn 10 points by drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day

Building Fitness Habits
Earn 7 points by planning your fitness for ONE day
Earn 10 points by doing 10 continuous minutes of any kind of fitness per day
Earn 20 points by completing your planned fitness for the day

Focusing on the Positive
Earn 2 points by sending a goodie with a positive message to a teammate
Earn 6 point by posting a motivational quote in your team thread
Earn 9 points by post a NSV on the chat thread

ONE TIME ONLY Activities
Earn 20 points - Post your SMART GOALS in your chat thread or a blog.

Tracking Template - Max Positive Points 148
Challenge dates - Friday, May 4 to Monday, May 7
Friday. 37

Week 1 TNT Challenge


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5/2/18 9:37 A

Beginning status for this 12 week challenge with DDT.

Starting weight : 171
Bust 47"
Waist 38.5"
Hips 42"

During the 12 week challenge my goal is to lose 10 lb.

Plan my weekly breakfast and dinner meals.

Goal is 6 - 8 oz of water 5 out of the 7 days.

Water aerobics 2 days a week. That is a safe and easy workout on my joints. If at all possible I will attend the third class of the week.

Rec center twice a week and or do a 30-minute cardio workout every week. Either doing the Jessica Smith 30 minute indoor workout video or at the rec center using the treadmill for 30 minutes at a speed of 2.5 in order not to do more damage to my toes feet and ankles and knees.

Participate to the best of my ability the weekend challenges!. Get as many points as I possibly can from doing the weekend challenges.

Participate and tighten and tone challenge for my strength training. On Tuesdays and add an extra day for TNT on Thursday that will give me 2 days of strength training.

Goals seem to be right on target seems like every possible to attain. Ridding myself of 10 lb in 12 weeks is extremely doable. Weather here in Florida will allow me to attend the rec center water aerobics class the pool is outdoors and the class is first thing in the morning. Now the hydration part is the most challenging part if I'm not doing an extremely hard workout I'm not as Thursday so I don't drink as much water. I will find a way to complete my goal of of a minimum of 6 glasses of water a day. Planning my two meals a day has been a great help as I know what calories I will be putting into me and on the budget as well. I enjoyed the Jessica Smith 30 minute indoor walking video it goes very quickly so that's not an issue using that program. Plus I enjoy walking on a treadmill. I fully have learned if I do not like the workout programs in the past I will not keep up with them so it was important for me to make a plan with workouts that I enjoy.

I've already looked over the weekend challenges and the TNT challenges 4 this upcoming challenge. They all seem very doable only part that I always have issues with is my nutrition.

I will attain my 12 weeks goals and cross the finish line!

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