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SWIMANDWALK Posts: 3,435
6/27/15 6:13 P

Wonderful news! I hope you enjoy your new job!

6/14/15 11:59 A

So, so happy for you!

SMASON6 Posts: 4,921
6/13/15 9:06 P

emoticon and Best Wishes to you.

CD15563455 Posts: 88
6/13/15 11:13 A


6/12/15 4:17 P

Great work! Congratulations!

VICKYLYLES SparkPoints: (579,297)
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Posts: 14,753
6/9/15 2:14 P

That is awesome!!!!

QUEENMARIE2 SparkPoints: (47,605)
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Posts: 1,138
6/9/15 1:14 P

emoticon How Wonderful!! Wishing you the best

KGWINDER Posts: 1,625
6/9/15 1:57 A

I'm going to miss it, as it has been on there so long.
There was a time I thought it would be impossible.
But everyday - it would flash at me:
"I'm going to get a job"
For some that might be easy, but I needed to gain confidence and a new understanding of what I could do again after multiple injuries and health set backs. Then there was the weigh - getting low enough that I could fit into "work clothes". I have more to go on my goals, but I now fit into store clothes, I'm strong enough do more and I will now being working.

Contract signed today - Whoo Hoo! Now which goal am I gunning for???

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