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SWIMANDWALK Posts: 3,435
6/27/15 5:34 P

7 pounds is an accomplishment! Keep up the good work!

PUGLOVER1999 SparkPoints: (68,193)
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6/27/15 4:56 P

ROBYNSHAY1 Your post encourages me! I have been at 160-162 for nine months. I have gotten into a RUT (I cannot say I'm on a plateau; I know I should eat less.) and have gotten a bit bored with the whole process. I'm trying to BELIEVE I can lose some weight every week for the next 8 weeks in the summer 5% challenge.

I have determined to walk 30 minutes a day at least 5 days a week and to limit my calories. You have made me decide to journal every day for 8 weeks, too.

Thank you!

ABBY_ROAD Posts: 4,403
6/27/15 3:31 P

Fabulous Darling!

My cat Butter: 7 lbs
A baby: 7 lbs
Kettleball: 7 lbs
An adult Chihuahua: 5 - 7 lbs
An average duck: 7 lbs


BHENDRICK2 Posts: 1,217
6/26/15 11:35 A


MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,880
6/26/15 3:04 A

Well done!!

6/25/15 12:09 A

It's 7 lbs closer to your goal! Congrats!

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6/24/15 12:50 P


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6/19/15 12:20 P


JIBBIE49 Posts: 92,703
6/19/15 12:55 A

I've learned so much from listening to the six one-hour lectures of Jason Fung M.D. on YouTube as he explains Insulin Resistance and how to change it. He says we have to stop eating processed refined foods and eat clean whole foods. He is a kidney specialist who said he treats such sick people who are on dialysis and most all of them have Type 2 diabetes.

6/16/15 1:29 P


ROBYNSHAY1 SparkPoints: (84)
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6/16/15 11:56 A

Ive been at the same weight, 162, forever. Years. Until I started journaling, walking more, and sometimes intermittant fasting (which means not eating until lunch or not eating after 4pm). I eat mostly healthy and I eat anything I want but dont binge anymore. I lost 7 lbs (155) and my measurements are showing it too. What a relief...Im so happy!!

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