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1/23/12 2:29 A

Wow heaps of knowledge and expertise here, big thanks for all this! I am doing classes, Zumba gold, very low impact, and Zumba toning, uses interval training, some fast songs some slower, mix of low impact & high impact but not as quick as Zumba fitness, which seems to be high impact and would completely do my knees in. The toning is at a rate that lets me figure out safe alternatives, but I am still getting a good workout. I'm not counting it as ST, back to the drawing board on that. And loving the Zumba, so can't fault it, because I WANT to go to classes, the most important thing for this Sparkie.

emoticon all for your thoughts.

FIFIFRIZZLE Posts: 2,148
12/17/11 1:47 P

I've just started out with Zumba and was thinking of doing toning. I do aqua with foam weights & count it as strength training. Could I do the same with Zumba toning? It has squats etc so...?
And then if I did a gym session on the weights machines... Could that be 3 ST sessions? I,m carrying injuries so need to start slow...

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5/11/11 12:43 A

Zumba Cardio 40min Zumba Toning 20mins

5/11/11 12:14 A

The marketing catch phrase "toning" means nothing, it is a misuse of the exercise physiology term tonus. Tonus is the resistance of a relaxed (non flexed) muscle to pressure , it is NOT visible. Tonus is a function of the increased density of muscle fibers. No form of cardio or light weight non muscle challenging work will cause an increase in the density of muscle fibers.The only work which will cause this is to work the muscle with a challenging weight which exhausts the ability to complete the movement in fewer than ten repetitions. Doing repetitions in excess of this indicates the weight is not challenging enough and will only increase endurance with no effect on tonus.

Zumba is a dance based aerobics programme, the 1980's aerobics redeux on steroids. Use it for it cardio benefits do not expect any more from it even with the addition of mini hand weights.

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5/10/11 11:56 P

KMC has some very knowledgable good points that she shared! I agree, don't use it as your only strength training. I do Biggest Loser dvds 2-3 times a week and I do Zumba Toning once a week. I love it! For workouts, you need to have something that you like so that you will keep doing it. But you also need to keep your workouts varied. Zumba Toning is one of those things that is great to have in the mix. You need to work out your muscles in various ways. In Zumba Toning there are a lot of times that we hold our arms out and/or up longer than with regular strength training. For me, Zumba Toning fits in great with my schedule, plus helps work out muscles in a different and fun way.

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5/10/11 10:34 P

I agree with Unident on all points..

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5/10/11 8:12 P

The zumba class I take offers 45 mins of regular zumba and 15 mins of zumba toning so you get plenty of cardio then some light weight training that is done at a cardio pace. I like it!

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5/10/11 5:00 P

Zumba Toning involves the use of light shaker weights. (1.5-3lbs each last time I checked, you can see what would come with the set your ordering or what is offered in the class you would take.) I took the official Zumba Toning instructor course (Beto partnered with AFAA for this, and they use the AFAA 5 questions when choreographing Zumba Toning songs.), and I'm a bit skeptical. In order to make the use of the hand weights safe when dancing, they must be light. Zumba also claims the movement inside the weight from the shaker stuff (think maracas?) makes it safer since it is not a static weight. Also for safety, Zumba toning songs are slower. The songs choreographed for toning will have lower body moves like lunges built into the dances. Slow isolation exercises as well.

It's not so much that I don't think it's a decent workout, and could be effective for some strength exercises, but it's not the best way to strength train. One thing I will say is that it does force you to be aware of your arms when dancing. More deliberate, more crisp. You will definitely "feel" your arms more, but that's muscle fatigue/endurance building. Not strength building for the most part. IMO it takes the fun dance party element out of zumba to a certain extent. One of Zumba's major advantages is that it attracts people who would be less comfortable in a traditional aerobics or body pump style class. They don't want to lift weights in Zumba, they want to dance.

For my money, I'd rather get more intense cardio with faster dance music in regular Zumba and lift out in the weight room or in a difference class.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
5/10/11 3:37 P

LOL, I haven't seen any ads for either but here's some general info.

"Toning" is a beauty industry term that fitness industry professionals laugh at you for behind your back when you use it. It has no basis in fitness whatsoever and is a complete myth.

When beauty industry fads use the word "toning" they intend it to mean that it will make you stronger and leaner, but not bulky. I would guess the DVDs focus one more on cardio, and the other more on moving some hand-held weight around or doing squats and other bodyweight resistance movements.

Strength training makes you stronger, builds muscle, and loses fat. However, you can't do it from a DVD. You must use an appropriate heavy weight for your own personal current ability, and lift a different number of reps every time. You're aiming to lift that weight 12 times and when you can, you need a heavier one. DVDs simply can't walk you through that.

Zumba is a great cardio workout, and as a DVD workout that's all it's capable of. If you're considering one, get the Zumba Fitness one as it doesn't pretend to do something it can't and will actually give you the results it claims.

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5/10/11 3:03 P

what is difference zumba fitness and zumba toning

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