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1GROVES2 Posts: 10,391
3/27/14 1:11 P

1 15 oz can fat free chicken broth
1 15 oz can corn; drain & rinse
1 15 oz can black beans; drain & rinse
115 oz can fat free refried beans
1 15 oz can no salt added diced tomatoes...( I use rotel for a kick)
stir together and heat, simmer to combine flavors. This is from an SP user & called 5 can soup. It looks rather icky, because of the refied beans, its taste is amazing!

JUNEBABY1947 SparkPoints: (752)
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3/27/14 1:23 A

I make a veggie soup of nothing but vegetables. For instance, chopped veggies, cabbage, onion, green pepper, carrots and diced potatoes. Drain and rinse a can each of green beans, corn and peas (or use frozen). Add diced tomatoes with the juice, enough water or beef broth to cover. Add salt and pepper to taste.choice. Cook until all the vegetables are tender. I don't use a recipe for this and sometimes substitute other veggies like cauliflower, broccoli, lima beans, etc. I also substitute different spices for variation, such as basil, thyme, oregano or whatever you like. If you like heat, add a can of rotel. This soup is simple but I keep it made and it solves the problem of getting all my vegetables in for the day, plus it is very filling.

2/14/14 7:47 A

Lentil and Kale Soup
I've used this recipe lately -
rown/lentil-soup-recipe.html. I skipped the grains of paradise, doubled the celery and carrots, and add LOTS of kale in the last 5-10 minutes of cooking. So yummy, healthy and filling! Serve with a side salad.

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2/13/14 9:25 A

I fixed a soup this past weekend that is really nice,
In a Dutch Oven
1Ts of olive oil, sauté garlic, onion, mushrooms for about 2-4 minutes.
Add 1 can of fire roasted tomatoes (or any that you prefer) and simmer for about 2-4 minutes, I added what ever veggies I had in the freezer, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts either halved or quartered, poblano peppers, asparagus halved or cut in smaller pieces, 1 c of cannellini beans, 2 sm. cans of V8 hot and spicy juice(you can use bigger cans but I made enough just for me and my lunch through the week). Carrots in a glass jar, I was out of the fresh ones. Just add them in at the end to just heat through. Instead of broth I just used water and put in curry, basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary, little salt, pepper and red pepper flakes (optional). Really fills you up and not a whole lot of calories., I usually eat 2-3 cup portions for lunch and less if I eat it with dinner.
I like my soup with a little heat but, you can make it as spicy, hot or as mild as you like. I have really lost some belly fat with this soup.

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,319
2/13/14 8:32 A

Quick Chicken Soup
Heat 1 tsp. of olive oil over medium heat, add 1 peeled thinly sliced carrot, 1 thinly sliced celery stalk, 1/2 cup of diced onion and cook 5 minutes. Add 4 ounce of cooked chicken and 2 cups of chicken broth...season with ground pepper...Add spinach or collard greens and parsley flakes.

Delicious Sausage & Zucchini Stew
3 baby carrots sliced thin
3 links of hot Italian Sausage cut into bite size pieces (or mild if you prefer) or use Jennie O turkey Sausage links to save on the calories 160 clories a link instead of 290 for Italian Sausage)
1/2 tsp. of oregano, 1/2 tsp. of basil
1/4 tsp. of garlic powder, a Sprinkle of parsley flakes
pinch of salt, 1 tsp. of regular sugar
Brown sausage and drain excess fat and then slice the sausage thin.
Mix all together, bring to a boil, reduce heat simmer for 30 to 40 minutes covered. GREEN PEPPER CUT INTO STRIPS (OPTIONAL) if using in the soup add the peppers during the last 1- minutes of cooking time.
EACH LINK OF ITALIAN SAUSAGE IS ABUT 290 CALORIES So don't go overboard. This soup is sooo good.

This is very good with Johnsonville Italian the Sausage links on sale

Fat Flush Soup
2 tsp. of Olive Oil
1 1/4 cup shredded chicken or turkey
1 onion chopped
1 bell pepper, chopped
8 ounces of mushrooms, chopped
1 can 14 ounce of crushed tomatoes
1 bottle of reduced sodium tomato juice
1 tbs of fresh lemon
1 cup of black beans, rinsed and drained from a cello sleeve for less sodium
1Tsp of ground cumin, 1/8 tsp. of cayenne
1/4 cup of fresh cilantro and parsley chopped.

Saute meat in olive oil in a large pot, drain and set poultry aside...saute onion, pepper, mushrooms and garlic about 5 minutes until soft...stir in remaining ingredients and poultry, except the cilantro and parsley...cook 10 minutes...add chopped cilantro and parley and serve....Freezes well...can store in fridge up to 5 days....3 cups equal 1 serving

FOR_ME3 SparkPoints: (1,384)
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Posts: 47
2/11/14 12:07 P

That sounds really good, I love making homemade soups. I usually eat soup for lunch and/or supper. I like controlling what spices and the amount of salt I put in my food

KENDALLR123 SparkPoints: (4,026)
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1/30/14 1:04 P

Try searching for a vegan thai curry soup. In mine I will put lite coconut milk, red curry paste, vegetable broth, veggies, and tofu. It's very flavorful.

SUSIEDERKINS21 SparkPoints: (11,503)
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1/28/14 6:44 P

My favorite:

Spicy Chicken Soup

1 onion, chopped
3 stalks celery, chopped
4 clove garlic, minced
1 pound chicken breasts
1 can diced tomatoes
1 can Rotel (or other tomatoes that are labeled Mexican style)
6 cups chicken broth
2.5 teaspoons of taco seasoning (or use 1.5 t cumin, .5 t salt, and .5 t pepper)
1 can drained and rinsed black beans
1 can corn, drained

I simmer everything but the beans and corn for about an hour. Then I take out the chicken, shred it, put it back in with the beans and corn and heat it for about 5 more minutes.

I also need more soup recipes! I make a pot every Sunday and freeze part of it in individual servings. It's almost like having homemade TV dinners.

ALECIA0823 Posts: 446
1/11/14 12:30 A

Potato soup - water, chicken stock, potatoes, carrots, celery, onion. Simmer until veggies are cooked, then add turkey brats, usually add 1 brat per person. Simmer a bit longer, add a little skim milk, and some 2% cheese and serve. Yum!

JNJ300 Posts: 50
12/25/13 9:23 P

Kale, mushrooms, onion & garlic in a light chicken or vegetable broth. Or plain water works instead of broth if I sautee the onion, garlic & mushrooms first in the soup pot until the onions are really caramelized, then add the water, salt to taste, and add the kale at the end. Surprisingly tasty for such simple ingredients.

GOODMEMORIES Posts: 30,455
12/24/13 1:18 P

I actually LOVE the Progresso soups, especially soups that offer you only 80 to 120 calories per cup. I do like to make homemade soup during the winter too, it makes the house smell good while it is cooking! Soup is a great way to cut down calories!

JMELBERG SparkPoints: (32,843)
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12/18/13 9:11 A

Vegan Curried Lentil

RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
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Posts: 3,116
12/17/13 12:20 P

Minestrone with tons of vegetables

SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
12/12/13 7:56 P

Broccoli Cheese Soup

1 cup green pepper, chopped
1 medium onion, chopped
1 (10 ounce) can fat free cream of chicken soup
1 1/2 cups skim milk
1 lb Velveeta 2% cheese, cubed
1 pound or 1 large head broccoli chopped
black pepper to taste
DO NOT add salt
Sauté onion and green pepper in butter Pam.

Combine all ingredients except broccoli , cook low until Velveeta is melted
Add the broccoli cook about an hour or until broccoli is done.

SONDRIA Posts: 14
12/12/13 2:37 P

This is my favorite winter soup- you have to plan ahead to make this one (have it cook while your at work or school in the crockpot). It's also on the salty side- I love salt, so please make changes if your watching your salt.

Green Chili Chicken Soup
crockpot soup- 4-5 hours high 8-9 hours low

2 frozen breasts of chicken
6 cups water (or chicken stock for more flavor, but will add more sodium)
1 taco seasoning packet (use cumin and crushed red pepper flakes if your watching your salt)
1 can green chiles chopped
1 can black beans- drained
1 Jar hot salsa

In a crockpot cook chicken with water and taco seasonings until you can shred with a fork (~8 hours low). After chicken is shredded add in green chilies, black beans and the jar of hot salsa and cook on high for 1 hour- till nice and hot!

I usually like to top this off with 2 TBS of daisy light sour cream (it's only 40 calories and makes it creamy!)

WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 951
12/11/13 10:24 A

I like to make chicken and rice soup, curry, and italian wedding soup. Chicken and ricele can really be dressed up or down- You can add whatever you have handy and customize it. I use an heirloom red rice because it has more flavor, texture and fiber than white rice (and it is a little more 'fun' than brown rice).

I'll also make big batches of pasta for left overs when I get tired of soup. Last night was gnocchi with meat sauce (the sauce included a jarred tomato pasta sauce, 2 whole bell peppers, half an onion, and garlic). It will be a nice change from the tons of soup I have been eating lately, and it reheats really well. Plus, it is the perfect breakdown for your macros- 48.2% carb, 27.5% fat, 24.3% protein (plus 5 grams of fiber).

Good luck!!

BITHOO SparkPoints: (12,355)
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12/11/13 9:48 A

In winter I kinda live on soups, but am bored of my standbys, which include weightwatchers sweet and sour asian soup, minestrone, split pea with apple, mushroom barley, and butternut squash.

what are your favorite "meal in a bowl" go-to choices?

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