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EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
11/26/13 6:58 P

Life happens, I try to dwell on good relationships I have with people and not on the arguments that crop up now and again.

I also try to walk away.

Silence speaks volumes.

SHKIRK Posts: 1,168
11/26/13 4:14 P

When I find myself in an argument I shut up and let the other person have the last word. emoticon

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
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Posts: 2,954
11/26/13 2:50 P

Nothing wrong with arguing as long as you stay in the present, don't attack personally and know the person you are arguing with meaning, some people argue just to say they were right and others argue to find an answer.

11/25/13 11:21 A

LOL at the youtube link, NICE!

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,504
11/25/13 11:02 A

I just shut down and walk away...
and It takes me a long time before I open up with that person again.
There has only been one person in my life that made me explode into a shouting match; when things are too toxic and personal, it is best to keep your distance.

but I'm surprised you didn't give THE REAL HOUSEWIVES FROM NJ as an example.
Teresa Giudice's table flip was a hoot. If you know someone like that....RUN

NOTE....foul language

LOLEMA SparkPoints: (105,894)
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Posts: 5,169
11/25/13 10:11 A

what a great subject! my Dad loves to argue and I have learned over the summer just to agree and/or walk away as the stress level was just too much!

some people have to be right and have the only opinion that is valid and I have learned that
is ok.

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
11/25/13 10:06 A

I definitely hate to argue and 99.9 percent of the time I walk away. If an argument can't be avoided I'm usually the one to apologize to make it go away.

11/25/13 9:15 A

The answer is "I don't argue, I simply walk away" BUT the reality of it is that sometimes, just sometimes, even the BEST of us break down and lose our cool and find ourselves in an argument.


when THAT happens and words have already been said what is your position? Do you stop and wait for an apology from the person who's arguing with you? Do YOU apologize whether or not you're right or wrong? Do you finish the argument to the bitter end like this?

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