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3/4/12 2:57 P

Don't have one of those here; but given that I have a 3 year contract with my current gym... I'm probably good. ;) I have asked for some yoga classes, though, along with some other folks in my classes.

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3/4/12 2:49 P

I like doing the videos, but Lucille Roberts also has a yoga class once a week if you're looking to join a pretty fairly priced gym. When I did the classes as Lucille Roberts, the yoga class was usually pretty small too, so it was easy for the instructor to help you. Enjoy!

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3/4/12 12:33 P

In my case, it was videos or nothing. I know I can't afford another fitness class (gym's sucking my budget on that front!)

I may not be getting the full benefit, but I'm certainly getting some. I felt great after last night.

SPOORK Posts: 1,193
3/4/12 11:43 A

Sign up for a class at a local yoga studio. I would not recommend starting with videos. Alignment is extremely important in yoga, not just to prevent injury but also to get the most out of each pose. It's really easy to think that you're doing the poses correctly when you're not. An instructor will help adjust your positioning so that it is correct, and can also give modifications if certain poses are too hard or you have special concerns (prior injuries, back pack, etc).

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3/4/12 11:33 A

Just start!

I started LAST NIGHT. I looked up a yoga video on Netflix! Rent a workout video, and just plain start doing it. I was surprised at how easy it was, and how difficult it could be. I was veyr pleased and felt great.

MLAN613 Posts: 19,241
3/4/12 11:25 A

Many gyms offer yoga and there are even yoga studios popping up everywhere. They may indeed offer beginning classes. I love Zorbs' suggestion.

If you do you, let the instructor know you are new to yoga. They should then give you beginner options for the poses and hopefully, they will pay attention to you and your form to ensure you are doing it correctly to help avoid injury.

SHARONSOWN Posts: 1,746
3/3/12 8:30 P

I just Googled "yoga" and all kinds of stuff came up! Tried "beginning yoga". Even better stuff! Good luck and good health to ya!

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3/3/12 7:42 P

look for yoga studios in your area and classes marked beginner, restorative, etc. will be easier.

GRACEGREEN13 Posts: 700
3/3/12 7:35 P

I want to add Yoga to my fitness schedule. i'm 275, 5'8", and a gramma : )

I want to do yoga to help destress and stretch my body.

How do I start? The simpler the better, to begin with.

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