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1/7/13 10:51 A

If at all possible, you should consider taking a class with an instructor if you've never done yoga before. Some of the poses can be challenging and a good instructor will teach you how to modify a pose. We all have physical limitations. I've been doing yoga for a while now and there are several poses I am still learning to do.

Now, if you can't afford a class or have access to a gym where you can work with an instructor, one of the better beginner DVD yoga workouts is done by a woman named Peggy Cappy. She works with many elderly people. So, she uses chairs and other props for modifications.

That might be a good option. You can see reviews of her DVDs on amazon.

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1/7/13 7:58 A

If you have never done yoga, I would encourage to a few instructor led classes. Many gyms ad yoga studios offer drop in pricing, meaning you don't have to be a member and can just pay to attend the class. I am suggesting this because an instructor can keep an eye on you and make sure you're doing the poses correctly. If you do them wrong, you could hurt yourself.

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1/7/13 2:25 A

Sorry I don't know any videos as I don't really do exercise via videos. But on yoga, it is a wonderful way to destress - and to get flexible, keep joints healthy and build strength. It is all own body strength which is challenging. As so much of yoga is about doing the postures absolutely correctly if it is possible it might be better to find a good studio/teacher near you and do a few lessons with them before moving on to doing them by yourself? Enjoy.

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1/6/13 11:12 P

Does any one have any advice on any "beginner"s" yoga dvd I haven't ever done yoga before and I am thinking about taking it up to de stress after a stressful night at work instead of beer and junk food like I did last night-- If anyone has any suggestions I welcome them Thank you for all the support Spark People--

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