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12/4/12 9:53 A

Yoga and walking are great exercises!

I walk and do yoga....I love it. Eventually you'll start to challenge yourself - walking further and faster, doing harder poses....just make sure that you progress rather than doing the same routine over and over.

Good luck!

N16351D Posts: 2,349
12/4/12 9:22 A

Welcome to the walking, Yoga, and Pilates group. I am a runner, swimmer, and biker, and I enjoy aerobics and have to do weight training, until I became sick last May.

I have been in bed at least half of the day for 6 months after contracting a virus which caused the bronchi to inflame in my lungs. My chest hurts and I have great fatigue. My question became, how so I exercise?

I figured I could walk 10 - 15 minutes until I became strong enough to do more, and went to Yoga and Pilates classes as I was able. Some days I slept through it, other times I left after 30 minutes since I was too tired to do it.

I have done very little exercise in 6 months due to illness, but I have walked 1-2 miles thrice weekly, and did 1-4 hours of the other.

Those are gentle, easy exercises and they help get sedentary and ill people moving.
I can't wait to get back to strenuous workouts, and you can look forward to becoming stronger and increasing your activity level. You have chosen great activities to start.

LIBBYL1 Posts: 5,933
12/3/12 11:16 P

adding in pilates is great when you do yoga. And hiking - (I am a yoga and walking person mostly). I have also found that I love dance classes - as long as I like the music...

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12/3/12 1:59 P

Can I ask what your fitness goals are?

Yoga and walking are certainly awesome; they're a great way to keep away from being sedentary and keep moving. However, depending on what your goals are, they may not be enough in the long run to reach those goals.

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12/3/12 5:02 A

Your sparkpage says you are a yoga instructor. Surely you have some experience with fitness?

CASEYSAUER Posts: 1,554
12/3/12 4:54 A

This is my plan. To do some yoga and some walking every day. I haven't been doing any real exercise program so I figured I'd be able to do this one. I am way out of shape. Slow and easy is the way I'm going.

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