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HARDMAN7 Posts: 253
11/6/09 7:21 A


WILLPOWER2 SparkPoints: (348,520)
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Posts: 14,761
11/5/09 1:58 A

It's over the Phillies lost and the big bad Yankees won again.

PAMELA3677 Posts: 27
11/4/09 4:56 P

i know im not a guy but i couldn't help. I'm originally from Philly and i say...of course...PHILLIES ALL DAY EVERYDAY! 2 years in a row here we go

GYMMAN59 SparkPoints: (75,789)
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11/4/09 4:52 P

Phillies emoticon

DLCJ21 Posts: 1,721
11/4/09 2:49 P

Yankees will close it out tonight.

JHORTON80 Posts: 24
11/4/09 12:41 A

Yankees will recover and win tomorrow night

WILLPOWER2 SparkPoints: (348,520)
Fitness Minutes: (121,538)
Posts: 14,761
11/1/09 4:28 P

I really do not have any thing against the Yankees.
But over all I think the Yankees have won more than 50% of all world series.

BLUE97HARBOR SparkPoints: (42,433)
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Posts: 2,011
10/31/09 5:21 A


PATSRUN2014 Posts: 257
10/29/09 8:15 P

I would love to say Phillies but honestly I think the Yankees (as much as it pains me to say it) has the better team. The Phils have the best Ace but that'll only help them once more. But it's going to be a great race and I'll be rooting for the Phils the whole way.

Best sports moment of my life is when my D-Backs kicked the Yankees out of town. Hate the Yankees so you definitely have my support behind ya.

HARDMAN7 Posts: 253
10/29/09 5:29 P

phillies baby

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