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Nuts? Almonds are believed to be the healthiest choice for nuts, they are low in saturated fat, reduce blood sugar levels and the risk of obesity.

Pistachios They lower cholesterol and blood pressure, help to reduce stress, breakdown proteins from meats into amino acids. They also help create a sense of fullness

Pumpkin Seeds are a natural source of carbohydrate, have amino acids, vitamins C, D, E, and K and most of the B vitamins They are a good source of Calcium, Fiber and Zinc, manganese, magnesium. They comprise of L-tryptophan, a compound that has been found to be effective against depression. Being rich in phytosterols, they have been associated with reducing the levels of LDL cholesterol. They have been known to reduce inflammation, without causing the side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs.
The perfect snack for the diabetic or dietetic.

If you have a hankering for a crunchy snack, skip the chips and grab 3 cups of light popcorn (no salt, no butter). Plus, popcorn is easy to grab on the go and full of fiber. Quite nutritious too

Carrots with Ranch Dressing
For a boost of beta carotene, fiber, and vitamin A, you can't do much better than snacking on 15 baby carrots with 2 tablespoons light ranch dressing.

Oscar Mayer has Shaved Turkey slices...roll a spear of asparagus inside....
or Deli roast beef is almost as low in fat as turkey. Two to three deli slices are less than 150 calories, add pepperconis, black olives stuffed with reduced fat cream cheese or blue cheese

Laughing Cow Light Blue Cheese
1 Wedge 35 Calories 1 Sugar 2 Carb 230 Sodium

Sargento Reduced Fat Provolone
1 Slice 50 Calories 0 fat 1 sugar 3 carbs 270 Sodium
Slice into one inch strips and roll Deli roast beef around the Provolone. Have breadsticks with seasame seeds on hand.

Sprinkle low-fat cheese on a tortilla, heat in the microwave. Then roll it up and dip in salsa. Enjoy!

Have fun at the party!

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10/10/12 1:50 P

Similarly a fruit platter would be lovely. Some lean meat would be good too. How about edamame? I would strongly suggest eating a small meal before you go and choosing 1-2 appetizers to indulge in perhaps.

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Hi all

I'm going to a little party tonight and I need some healthy snack ideas. I know there are going to be loads of crisps, nuts and unheathly stuff and I have the willpower of a flea, especially with a glass of wine in hand. Now I have planned a couple of drinks within my daily calories, and I'm fine with that, but would like to be able to pick at some healthy bits instead.

I was thinking about taking a veggie platter, anyone got any other ideas.


Lisa x

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