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2/20/11 12:50 P

thanks for the advice!!!:)

RSW4669 Posts: 35
2/20/11 12:40 P

Jeepers, wow - that's an amazing amount of weight, congrats to you!

NIGHTSKYSTAR SparkPoints: (515,252)
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2/20/11 10:25 A

Try all suggestions and pattern them to you..what works for one doesnt for another, but trial and error will get you to the finish line!

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2/19/11 9:31 P

emoticon such good advise! Tracking is a great tool for study also. I make nutrition notes to help me figure out.

RSW4669 Posts: 35
2/18/11 10:07 A

very good advice. Really having a poor week,eating things that aren't good for me, and overeating just about anything I can.

Woke up today recommitting to count and track and portion.

Hope by Monday I feel more in control.

Thanks for you excellent advice

SHELLY81682 Posts: 200
2/17/11 7:16 P

Before you start to eat for your meals portion out exactly how much of each food you can eat and put the rest away. Don't tempt yourself to eat more. If you are finding yourself hungry afterwards you might want to look for some lower Calorie/Fat/etc. foods that can fill you. Also I find if you eat small portions of what you are craving instead of making it off limits it will help you stay on program more. Like you did when you have a meal that is higher in Calories for whatever reason try to plan ahead or at least for the rest of the day in eating lower Calorie foods. Keep up the good work and don't give up, it's a learning process and if you don't make mistakes you won't learn.

NIGHTSKYSTAR SparkPoints: (515,252)
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2/17/11 4:21 P

i'm betting its because you are saying its off limits. let NOTHING be off can have anything you want just use portion control and savor every tiny MORSEL. really. it works!!

RSW4669 Posts: 35
2/17/11 10:56 A

Thanks everyone, I agree, but it seems I need to get better at this balance and moderation thing, ever since I've committed I've gone crazy over all my fav junk food. What's up with that?

DANSMOMTPM2 Posts: 735
2/17/11 10:26 A

Yep - you are getting it! good for you!

FIREDEMONARTY SparkPoints: (23,735)
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2/17/11 9:22 A

The other day, I thought that I had overeaten and I was still hungry. When I got home and put everything in my tracker, I saw that I was actually low in my calories, so I ate a snack. It is a process and the human body is amazing on how well it can adjust to changes in habit.

You are on the right path. Just remember to listen to your body and what true hunger means.

Good Luck!

NIGHTSKYSTAR SparkPoints: (515,252)
Fitness Minutes: (344,334)
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2/17/11 8:55 A

What a major step!! yes you overate but you took it in hand, saw that it wasnt as bad as you thought, and turned it around!! GOOD FOR YOU!! thats a major hurdle and you crossed it!!

BERRY4 SparkPoints: (268,109)
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2/16/11 1:49 P

It is such a process! Don't give up and you can achieve your goals!

RSW4669 Posts: 35
2/16/11 1:10 P

So I committed to doing this and today I binged at lunch and also at work. Instead of just chalking it up to having no control and since I promised to track everyday I tracked what I ate.
The good news is I have 200 - 300 calories left for dinner and can still stay on track. I ate healthy stuff mind you but still overate and binged!

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