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3/12/13 11:24 A

Thanks ArchimedesII! I'll check that website you linked.

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Welcome to Spark People !

If you want to see more definition in your body (seeing more muscle), then you need to do some type of strength training. I don't know what books are available in Spain, but you should look for weight training and strength training books for women.

a great website to help you learn strength training is this one. It has some beginner workouts you can try. Do what you can to start.

And look at the SP fitness section. Coach Nicole also has some beginner strength training workouts posted too. All you need are some hand weights or resistance bands.

Also, ask your friends what DVD workouts are popular in Spain right now. I don't know what US DVDs you can get in Spain. Some popular workout DVDs here include the 30 Day Shred, Zumba, P90X, etc...

Do you have a gym membership ? If not, you might consider joining a gym to take classes and use their equipment.

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3/10/13 6:25 A


This is a spakgirl from Spain. I've been browsing this site for a month and a half and I do find really good ideas.

I'm petite and my objective is not to lose weight, though I have lost some as a consenquence of so good exercise. What I want is to moulder my hips and butt and also arms and breasts.

Up to now I've been doing some of Nicole's workouts and I've seen the results in the last month. I work about 30 mins every day (apart from going up the stairs at work instead of using the lift everyday).However, I want to vary a little and create my own set of combined workouts. My problem is I don't know how to combine them not to hurt myself and to make them more effective.

Can you help me with that?

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