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9/19/13 1:57 P

My son is 14 years old and over the years I have noticed that he is slimming down and getting taller.
Since I have some poor eating habits, I challenge him.. Sometimes its sit-ups or push ups... Each time I always loose, but we both have a great time.
He says that he will be my personal trainer and he always gets fires. emoticon

9/1/13 8:40 P

The wagon works much better than a stroller for us. We try to walk to a playground and then I jog or walk around the playground while my daughter plays independently as much as possible.

Also, mat exercises work well because my daughter likes to try to imitate me (she's 2.5). She will try to down any yoga exercises, wall push ups, step ups, etc. Plus she will even ride on my belly when I do crunches or bridges or things on my back.

Another great little workout is just playing tag or chase and chasing her around the house or the yard. It's not the longest workout but it's fun and adds a bit of exercise and makes her happy. Similarly, I can dance while holding her in my arms.

The best strategy for me though is trying to fit in exercise when I have a backup to watch her or during nap. I get frustrated when I can't focus. ;)

SATTUA Posts: 557
8/17/13 9:58 P

I'm trying to convince my 2 year old that exercise videos are like a game of Simon Says. I remember doing videos along with my mom as a small child.

So far... no luck ;) . She wants me to stop and play with her.

BABSSLP Posts: 9
8/11/13 4:04 P

I ride my bike and put the little guys in a bike trailer (check Craigslist or garage sales). I also dance while the littles dance with me. I set them up with playdoh or other toys they haven't played with in awhile and do a workout video while they're busy.

8/7/13 4:16 P

Get bikes. We love to go on bike rides ad a family. We even put the baby in his car seat in the trailer. We also love to play kick ball and basket ball. This past winter we go a Wii with Wii fit. We also enjoy bustin our moves with Just Dance.

AMANDANCES Posts: 2,048
8/7/13 10:17 A

Two suggestions: jump rope and dance. My almost 2-year-old "dances" with me, and that will keep him amused for about a half hour, which is a decent workout. I also jump rope while he's swinging or playing on the slide. He hasn't expressed an interest in jumping rope yet, but if yours does, you can jump together.

Also, if you have space -- a trampoline. My but that's a workout! For both of you!

7/22/13 3:51 P

Do you have a ymca in the area or a gym with a daycare? Since I've been able to actually get the me time in the gym and the kids get to have fun playing in the play room I get my workouts in and don't have to feel guilty about it! If you're not able to do that... What I did before was workout before the kids woke up or after they went to bed. Or try to get them involved which was quite interesting lol. Another option would be to see if another mom friend would alternate days with you, 1 could go work our while the other watches the kids and vice versa.

7/17/13 2:54 P

What about taking a soccer ball to the park and kicking it back and forth? That was a great workout and the bonding time was fun as we tried to steal the ball from one another. As a bonus, it helps the kids with their foot eye coordination, balance and also burns off his energy. When the "soccer" gets old, playing tag (letting him tag you so he doesn't get frustrated) or "racing" for sprints is good. Red light, green light can be adapted so he tells you what to do and you can get sprints in. Giving a stop watch so he can time your exercise intervals may help.

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7/14/13 10:40 A

I've always worked out in the morning before everyone else wakes up.

Get up at 4 am, be out the door by 5, back by 7 at the latest.

TCOOLEY412 Posts: 100
7/14/13 8:51 A

Is there a mommy and me exercise class in your area? I have a friend that takes one and her son seems to really enjoy it.

JAYEMES Posts: 9
6/30/13 2:43 P

I have a 3 year old and a 5 month old, so I feel your pain! Here's what I've been trying.

I do crunches, pushups, squats ect with my son. He gets a kick out of it and will get down on the floor and do them too. I give him his own yoga mat and have him count for me. It doesn't work for long, but it works for a little while.

I try to do dvd's while they're both asleep. I'm doing 30 Day Shred right now, but there are a TON of videos on youtube. They also have tons of 10 minute cardio workouts that are easier to fit in. Just find something that looks interesting or do a different one every time.

As far as walks go, I push the baby in the stroller and my son walks. When we walk, I try to do high knees or walking lunges. When he stops (often) to look at a flower or a rock or whatever, I do squats. Trust me. You start to wish he wouldn't stop!

Good luck and just keep it up! My son was a monster at 2 1/2 but 3 is easier!!

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6/28/13 8:16 A

Hi I have a 3 yr old and one thing that I find that works is we put on the xbox Nickelodeon dance game and not only does she love playing it, I get a work out too. For being a kid game you will burn calories. The other thing I do to try to get some kind of workout is I will act like we are playing a game and try to see who can do the most jumps, spins, situps, leg lifts ect.. She gets so into that and I make such a big deal when we play she loves doing that. It's hard to try to workout with little ones but this is what we do and im still trying to come up with other ideas.Really just started myself. Best of luck

NIKKILYNNG SparkPoints: (12,100)
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6/26/13 9:17 A

With my 18 month old, I've found that whether it's sitting down to do a in your seat workout or standing up I just can't seem to do it while she is awake. The only thing I can do to get her to at least let me get some exercise is to use her as a weight. I know that sounds silly. However that and dancing are the only times I can do anything with her. From sitting on my back and pulling my hair during push ups to on my shoulders while dancing. I love having her as a part of my new found healthy lifestyle but it does make it darn near impossible to workout to the full potential. Walking is just out of the question. There is no sit down in the stroller, she hasn't sat still for a second since 11 months (when she learned to walk).

CLARK971 SparkPoints: (29,686)
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6/23/13 9:03 A

Before they were even 18 months old, my twins didn't like sitting in the stroller for walks. My son would unlatch the straps and climb out. They wanted to be out of the stroller, exploring things. That didn't make for a productive work out walk. They liked being pulled by the bike, though. So I would ride my bike with them up to the park.

Toddlers have so much energy, so just chasing him around, picking him up, kicking balls, could help you get moving.

Is there a babysitter you can use to get in your walk in a few times a week? Or even a pre teen? My daughter is 12, and she would be able to entertain a toddler for an hour or so at our house and would have adult supervision. Is there something like that available for you? Is there someone that you could swap babysitting with for a few hours a week?

Some of the gyms by me, including our local rec center offer childcare.

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6/22/13 10:39 P

I have a 3 yr. old who loves to stop every two steps to look at something as well, so walks don't offer a great workout, but something is better than nothing. Also I have switched from the "baby" stroller to a fun more big girl atv wagon that makes a walk more of a workout, especially pulling her and the wagon up a hill. In the winter I go to the local Y, which offers on site childcare, maybe you could find a gym with childcare. Unfortunately for me, the childcare only goes up to 5 yrs. old, and I also have an 8 yr. old, so no gym workouts all summer long. My final suggestion is to try to use your child as a weight for some light weight lifting at home. Think leg airplanes and gentle superman tosses, as well as piggy back ride push-ups. Good luck finding exercise, it's still a struggle for me, but something is still better than nothing.

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6/13/13 9:47 P

My son is 20 months and I have the same problem where he doesn't want to do a real walk and wants attention as soon as I try to start a video. What I've found best, while not a routine, is to use his energy for my workout. I pick him up and flip him over, put him down and chase him around. It's great bonding time and I can certainly break a sweat.

A1863GAL Posts: 59
6/9/13 9:24 P

I'm a mom of a 3 yr old and a 5 month old. I have been doing Zumba. My 3 yr old will beg to work out with me she loves dancing and she is working out. She doesn't make it though the hr but when she has had enough she plays in her playroom until mommyy is done. The rooms are next to each other. My 5 month old loves watching me in the swing. So that is how I do it. Morning is the best time too. How it helps find something you love to do and working out will be fun. Walk to a park and let him play awhile and walk back.

BECKERW85 SparkPoints: (5,732)
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6/6/13 8:40 P

Thanks! He was excited to go on our walk today. He started out walking but 2 blocks in he fell and scraped his knee so he jumped in the stroller and was content, so it was something lol. He is DYING to ride a bike, in fact we just bought him one with training wheels. Im hoping he will catch on before too long. But if nothing else he should be ready to go by next summer!

Ive been doing the Jillian Michaels dvds. Not a huge fan. Do you have suggestions??

CUDA440 SparkPoints: (85,707)
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6/6/13 11:25 A

It's hard at that age. I think I didn't get in a good workout routine till my youngest was 4. But I do love DVD workouts at home. (you do need to find one that you LOVE)
We have played games outside in the yard before. Shadow tag for little ones is fun. You have to try and step on the others shadow.
Kicking a soccer ball around the yard.
Too bad he can't ride a bike with training wheels while you walk yet. (maybe next year)
During the winter we go sledding in our back yard, the walk up the hill can be a GREAT workout!!! shoveling the driveway is good too. (but that is about 6 months away yet)


BECKERW85 SparkPoints: (5,732)
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6/5/13 3:10 P

I was wondering if anyone has any creative suggestions for getting a work out in with a 2 yo in tow?

I dont mind working out, but my problem is I am a stay at home mom to a 2.5 yo boy who is super high energy, but in his terrible twos for sure. My husband works out of town 5 days a week, so going to the gym is almost all but out of the question. I tried dvds before he wakes up or after he goes to bed, but Im just not a fan of dvds. We have been going for long walks, but I think he is getting tired of riding in the stroller, he wants to get out and about, but its not really a good walk when he stops to look at every flower or bird or whatever.

Does anyone do anything with their young kids that gets in a decent workout???

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