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7/5/13 8:38 P

Some people find tracking their food to be agreat way of staying accountable to themselves for their eating decisions. Others (myself included) find continual tracking to be very tedious. It really depends on your personality.

But tracking what you eat just for a week or two can be very educational as to where your calories are coming from, about portion sizing, and in identifying areas where you can vcut back without feeling deprived. And you don't have to track for weeks or months to get these educational benefits.


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7/5/13 2:12 P

I think tracking your food even for a little bit or for 3 or so days a week regularly will make a huge difference for you. It helped me so much. That and drinking water:)

Good job on your motivation at the gym!

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7/5/13 12:18 P

Working out is important to being healthy, but there is a major difference between being active for weight loss/weight management, and training for major events like a triathlon, half-marathon, marathon, etc. Intense training can actually slow weight loss down due to the stress it puts on the body. You may want to evaluate your exercise intensity & duration and shift to moderate levels while you focus on proper nutrition habits. It isn't just the simple equation of "calories out exceeding calories in".

I just posted a blog entry on this subject that you can see on my spark page, which is why I noticed this thread! Take a look if you get a chance!

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7/5/13 10:51 A

Hi KCLARK89 yeh I did just start the routine recently, I'm going to track my food for the next week and see if I can see what's going on.
I measured myself at the start of my program and I will be measuring again in 2 weeks time so maybe that is where I will see the results!

Thank you everyone for your advice! emoticon

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7/5/13 9:44 A

Did you just recently start this routine? Your body could also be retaining water if that's the case. Track your food, and keep up what you're doing! Like M@L said, don't let one weigh-in determine your progress. The tape is definitely a way better measure.

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7/5/13 6:52 A

The body can naturally fluctuate by several pounds from day to day, due mainly to changes in hydration levels. This can mask (or exaggerate) decreases in body fat from weigh-in to weigh in. So it is important not to attach too much significance to any one weigh-in figure, but rather to look at the longer term trend. 6 weeks is not unreasonable in terms of establishing a longer term trend.

Also, the tape is a much better means of tracking your progress than the scale. Measure, rather than weighing yourself.


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7/5/13 6:17 A

Your weight loss from week to week is going to vary widely, especially since you are female.

If you feel like you should be doing more, try tracking your food. I know you said it seems tedious so just give yourself a goal. Tell yourself that you will do it for 2 weeks. Or one week on and one week off for a month. The SparkPeople app is pretty great if you ask me. You can even scan bar codes to find the foods.

I know you want to see numbers on the scale because it seems like proof that you are doing the right thing, however, try to concentrate on how you feel.

Good luck. Keep up the healthy lifestyle choices!

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7/5/13 3:59 A

Hi everyone,
I currently go to the gym for 1hr a day mon-fri, I have sat and sun as my rest days. During my workout I do both cardio and strength training (ie weights etc..) although I do vary the intensity and routine to keep it interesting. The first week I lost 3lbs, this week just half a pound.. Monday to Friday I am burning up to 400-500 calories daily.
A friend told me to carry on for up to 6 weeks before taking much notice of the scale, she said her trainer had told her by then her body would have become used to the new exercise/diet and the weight would melt off.. which it in fact did for her.
Does anyone else agree with this advice?

I don't track my calories exactly although I am very conscious of what I eat, I have tracked in the past and after a while I find it tedious and annoying and I stop.. but now I'm thinking I should try for the next week and see how much of a difference it makes? Maybe I'm not eating enough for the calories I'm burning??
I don't know.. I'm just feeling frustrated so if anyone could give me any advice I would be very grateful!

Thanks in advance.

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