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7/17/12 6:38 P

I can totally relate to the spouse/dieting issue. My husband loves to eat together as a family and regular food of course. So, I can't really sit down with a Lean Cuisine, even though the portion control really works for me. Dinnertime takes major willpower to keep small portions. AND, I'm only 4'8", so my daily calorie allowance is really low. I also don't want to eat like a complete bird in front of our son. He knows that I'm trying to lose weight, but I really don't want to make a big deal out of it. Anyone have advice for family dinners?

PS: My best tool so far has been the simple food journal on my phone. You think twice about using mayo when you know 1 tbsp has 100 calories and you have to enter that info in there!

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7/17/12 6:21 P

Thanks everyone :) I spoke to him about it and he surprised me by saying that he wanted to start working out and eating better also! Apparently he has gained 30 pounds since we started dating!!! I was very excited, and he has so far been very supportive. I am on the road with him at the moment but will make it back to Ga. this weekend and the real workouts start!

BLEUFISH: I know the feeling! Even though I wasn't the smallest I had gotten down to a better weight. Now its definitely for me. ;)

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7/16/12 3:23 P

My husband and I have been together for going on 11 years now, and put it this way I was skinny when we met. Being comfortable and not out on the prowl, made me give up on looking good and staying thin. But it has really been bothering me and it affects our lives now too. When I was younger I stayed in shape to find a guy, now I just want to be healthier and look great FOR ME. I love my husband very much and I know my weight doesn't effect him, but I love myself enough to look good and stay fit because it makes me feel better about myself.

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7/16/12 2:48 P

Ok, so today you start fresh... make better choices all day long and when you go out make sure you only eat half your dinner and bring home the leftover for lunch or dinner the next day. Ask him to support your goals, so maybe you go for a walk instead of the movie and skip the popcorn if you do.

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7/16/12 2:46 P

According to research from the journal Obesity, dating and cohabiting can lead to weight gain. The 2009 study looked at 1,293 dating, cohabiting and married romantic couples, and found that over five years, women who were dating put on an average of 15 pounds, and those living with a romantic partner gained 18 pounds. Men also have an increased risk of becoming obese as they stay in a relationship, but not nearly as much as women.

This article might help you turn things around.

Is Dating Making You Fat?
Fall in Love Without Falling Off the Wagon

Coach Tanya

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7/16/12 1:03 P

Ahhhh so I'm in need of some motivating/ tough love/ do it now advice and talking. I was well on way to my 135 goal, (I was at 149) when I met my oh so wonderful boyfriend and in the six (almost 7 ) months we have been together, I have crept back up to 165 eeek!!! And trust me, 165 on a 5'1 frame looks blah. Confidence down the drain and all that fun stuff. so! I gotta get my butt back in the game! Suggestions, comments, advice, tips... all are appreciated and welcomed!


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