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JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
12/17/12 10:06 A

PAOS = pee on a stick

If you're having symptoms, I'd think a test would be positive. But, just wait to see if you're late. With my oldest daughter and my miscarriage, my "symptoms" felt exactly like my period was going to start without any sign that it was starting (discharge, spotting, etc. Sorry for the TMI.). Both of those were surprises, and I didn't test until I was late. With my planned baby, I tested so early, I have no clue when sypmtoms started!

MRSTYGER26 Posts: 49
12/16/12 5:22 P

Wait it out. Sometimes, we get so excited (either with delight or fear) that we delay our period or cause our bodies to exaggerate the current symptoms. My suggestion is to wait a week, as calmly as possible, then go from there.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,682
12/15/12 11:42 P

Then I guess you have to wait....
What did your doctor say to do?

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12/15/12 10:27 P

i took a pregnancy test but said negative and like I said it is too soon for an overthecounter test bc im not due for my period til dec 23

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12/15/12 10:27 P

what is POAS?

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12/15/12 10:25 P

go POAS.

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12/15/12 10:01 P

I have had many of the symptoms and my period is not due for a week either, took a home pregnancy test earlier but it came out negative but it was way to early to test waiting for next week to be over to see if my period comes or not.

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12/15/12 8:20 P

I have been tired, bloated mainly lower abdominal, some spotting,cramps, tingling breast and feelinglike i could gag off an on for well over a week. My period is not due for another week....could i already be having pregnancy symptoms? I took an ovulation test yesterday to see if i was poss ovulating and that be the cause of these symptoms but it was negitive. anyone else have this happen before????

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