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5/1/13 11:34 A

I don't do compression shorts, but I LOVE Old Navy yoga pants; you can get them with very high waist bands that DO help hold things in. :) I've got a pair! They don't roll on me, either, and most stuff does.

SOFT_VAL67 Posts: 2,936
5/1/13 11:31 A

oh and one more thing, for me personally, not only do they offer support in the thighs and belly when i walk, they give me confidence, i dont know why, but everything is sucked and tucked and tight and i dont feel wiggly and giggly and im still comfortable to walk
no binding, no squeezing or pinching and when i have them on, i feel like what im doing, walking and working out is working for me....

SOFT_VAL67 Posts: 2,936
5/1/13 11:29 A

i checked out the old navy womens compression shorts, not for me....they are made the same way as the champion double dry that i just sent back, low waist with a pretty little band around it for looks
well no one is gonna be seeing them but me, i wear them under my walking clothes and i need high waist support...the mens gear is made for men with the support in the lower region and that just doesnt work for me either, i dont know why champion stopped carrying the powerliners, they were my brand
high waist, no frills, no pretty colors, just support
i will continue my search....

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5/1/13 1:26 A

Compression gear helps keep things in place. When you have a stomach or loose skin, it is very uncomfortable to run, jump and so one because of your business bouncing up and down. Sometimes it down right hurts, and I know for me personally, I have stopped my exercise at the time because of it. It is painful to run with my skin bouncing every which way and not being properly supported.

Personally, I throw on a pair of Spanx power panties under my workout garb, or I buy the compression gear from Old Navy and hike it up to my chest.

4/30/13 11:32 P

Perhaps a dumb question from one who has never had any interest in them, what are they supposed to do and why do people wear them? I am of the old school who believes that anything which supports an uninjured body part weakens it.

SOFT_VAL67 Posts: 2,936
4/30/13 3:45 P

thanks will check it out, any place i can find womens, but seems all i have found are made more for aerobics, they have a thick wide band around the waist but are low on the hips
i want full tummy coverage and an old fashioned elastic waistband, as i wear them under my shorts or sweats no one is gonna see thier cuteness
they dont need to be cute
just compress

MLAN613 Posts: 19,241
4/29/13 8:08 P

Have you tried Old Navy's Active wear? I have a few pairs of their compression shorts and LOVE them. I've worn them in spin classes, aerobics classes and running. No rolling, slouching and they have a long inseam. Here's a link to their plus sized version:

SOFT_VAL67 Posts: 2,936
4/29/13 9:13 A

just wanted to share, i placed an order for a pair of mens compression shorts by eastbay...size 2x...they arrived and the material felt right, not too thick or thin
but when i put them on...well, they do not have a cup but they have a trim that goes all around for hmmm, i guess storage.... for a man....and the trim just doesnt exactly PULL UP for me
so i have about a 1 inch gap between my body and the crotch of the shorts
i am unsure how this is going to work for me, as i do not want thigh rubbing
i am thinking had i gone up one size this wouldnt be a problem
but i am going to keep the shorts and give them a try
until i can find another pair of womens that offer me the same support and durability as the champion powerliners, which i can no longer find.

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4/22/13 9:56 P

I don't have a definitive answer, but when I was about that size, I had a couple of pairs of men's mesh shorts that were size XL, and they fit. If it helps, my husband wore a 2XL when he was about 270 lbs.

SOFT_VAL67 Posts: 2,936
4/22/13 9:49 P

ok, i posted a blog today about how i cant find the compression shorts i have been wearing, i bought a cheap knock off substitute and they just had to go back.
no support, too short, rolling down, etc
so here is my question, i have found some nice looking ones at under armour, and they are mens
they have 8.5 to 11.5 inch inseam and i want a pair
but i dont know how to convert mens sizes to womens
if i were ordering a womans, i would want a size 16 to 18
but the pair i looked at, the reviews say they fit small
so, i had thought a mens xtra large, but now im wondering if maybe a 2x is the way to go
but im scared to go too big
i want hold
i want them to be tight, but not unbearable
i want them to do the job i need them to do
can anyone help me????
ive checked sizing charts but cant really figure it out....

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