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KSPITZER14 Posts: 50
11/12/09 12:55 A

That question is a little too open. Will they make the playoffs? Yes, but not this year, or the year after that, or the year after that.

When does Burke's contract expire? That will be the time frame we are looking at.

INEXCESS Posts: 1,681
11/3/09 12:15 P


DRANCIS Posts: 1,201
11/2/09 6:11 P

Being a Bruins fan, I hope not.

TODDBB Posts: 3
11/1/09 7:27 P

No chance. All you got with Burke was arrogance. Not a stanley cup!! On the bright side don't expect any Canadian teams to pull it off this year! You will be competing with my Oilers for a high draft pick!!

2UNHEALTHY Posts: 2,231
10/30/09 1:50 P

Wow JOE your fan time pre-dates me! I have been a Leafs fan since I can remember watching Hockey Night in Canada on Saturdays (every Saturday).

10/30/09 1:34 P

I've been a fan since the days of "Battleship" Kelley, Greg Polis and Syl Apps (circa 1975).

2UNHEALTHY Posts: 2,231
10/30/09 12:42 P

Now JOE were you always a Penguins fan or or you new to that band wagon? emoticon

Edited by: 2UNHEALTHY at: 10/30/2009 (12:42)
10/30/09 10:51 A

I like Maple Leafs uniforms but that's about it.

Let's go PENS!

2UNHEALTHY Posts: 2,231
10/30/09 8:18 A

Oh NORM...I'm may be the lone Leafs fan who doesn't 'believe' the crap and yes I'd like to see ticket prices cut, but guess what would happen if they stopped selling out every home game?...the Leafs would become the Las Vegas Leafs or some such crap. To solve the problem they need fresh new players and a new set of fresh eyes behind the bench. They need to cut some 'dead weight' from both the management and the net and perhaps spend some of the millions they'd save to get a bunch of players who are worth their weight in salt!

Now I'm not a sexist or anything but here's the thing...most businesses are run by men with men making the decisions and hiring more we women run our households AND work fulltime outside the home and for the most part we keep her running pretty smooth even when times are tough...not many married men starving because we can stretch the old Loonie pretty far. So now my suggestion would be to put a woman in charge so that she could reign in the spending and crack the whip to make them earn their long term contracts...we'll evaluate you every year like regular employees and if you've worked your arse off you'll get your raise...if not well we'll be talking. Not only could we afford so me talent but then the Leafs would have players actually playing hard and being proud to be a Leaf again! And ticket prices would be lowered from the amount we'd save on the inflated salaries of useless 'bosses'!

I wish I was in charge.

10/29/09 10:52 P

HELL - to the - NO! and I live just outside Toronto. Well Milton, so maybe that doesn't count as much.

So let's break this down so there's no bad blood.

1. The Leafs have the worst start (in terms of losses) in franchise history! (well at least they're setting records even when they suck)

2. Their "monster" goalie is out of commission.

3. They go on road games with 4...I repeat 4! goalies.

4. They charge way!!!! too much for home games...FYI to any other out there...the Leafs have the most expensive tickets in the whole league. This coming from a team that hasn't won a Stanley Cup since colored TV was introduced.

5. (and Leafs fans this is your fault) Leafs games are almost always sold out which only perpetuates the crappiness, since management won't do anything about the calibre of the team due to the fact that they still generate revenue.

Interesting tidbit (and this one came from my university prof in sports sociology): Leafs fans act/behave and believe that the Leafs have won the Stanley Cup every year that they have been alive. That is the passion of Leafs fans, unfortunately it is also the source of their stupidity.

2UNHEALTHY Posts: 2,231
10/29/09 7:25 A

Oy...there's always's early days yet...lots of season left to play. And if they don't make it there's always next year.


Go Leafs Go!!!

HARDMAN7 Posts: 253
10/28/09 5:14 P

no hope for this team

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