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4/24/13 1:32 P

Whether you would get frustrated or not depends on what you expect from the fat loss journey. As you have already figured it out, it is happening slower than you expected.

But keep in mind that slower fat loss is the preferred way to lose fat, because that is the only way you stick to your healthy habits that leads to fat loss long enough so that they become lifelong habits. Otherwise, you would be gaining all the fat you lost back in a short time.

I suggest that you don't take the hard way your occasional bumps in your fat loss journey. I suggest that you trust, based on your own success up till now, that you will in fact get to your goal, it is just a matter of time, and a few new workout routines to try. So just change how you look at this journey, and simply enjoy it.

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4/23/13 7:43 P

The body can naturally fluctuate by several pounds from day to day, due mainly to shifts in hydration levels and water weight. What is likely happenning is that you are losing fat at a reasonably steady rate throughout, but when there is an uptick in water weight, there is no change in the scale, and when there is a downtick, the combination of that and the fat loss will show up as a drop of 2-3 lbs.

The tape is a way of tracking your progress that is a lot less sensitive to shifts in water weight than the scale. Also, keep looking at the longer term trend, rather than just the weekly result.

Weight loss naturally slows down as you approach your goal weight. While more dramatic losses (2-3 lbs per week) are possible when you have a lot to lose, as your weight loss journey continues, you are just not going to see it come off at the same rate as it might have when you have 100 lbs to lose. A healthy and sustainable rate of weight loss is generally reckoned at 1-2 lbs per week, and it sounds like you are losing at pretty much that rate (averaged over several weeks).

Keep doing what you are doing - it seems to be working. Perhaps just broaden the ways you measure progress?


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4/23/13 4:09 P

I weigh the same time/way/etc each day. While 2-3 in a losing week is good. Overall it drops the month down to like 4-6. It seems like I should be able to lose more than that. I was hoping the super-slomo phase wasn't going to start til I was like 30lbs from goal weight!!!!

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4/23/13 3:36 P

Are you weighing yourself consistently? The same time of day on the same day of the week? Maybe you should try measuring yourself instead, I'm sure you'd see more progress there. Scales can be tricky and I think people often put too much value on the numbers they see. In general, it appears you're still making progress over time. 2-3 pounds in 2 weeks adds up, so stay focused on that.

Another thought, I see you've already lost 60 pounds. It's possible you're beginning to plateau or you may need to reevaluate your calorie intake/burning needs and goals. Good luck!

Edit: It will also become harder to lose with the more weight you lose. Most dieticians and doctors don't recommend losing more than 1.5-2 lbs a week, anyway. Stay healthy and steady.

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4/23/13 3:31 P

I am exercising (switching it up, cardio and weights), watching/tracking food. I will go a week or more with no loss, then lose 2-3. Then back to no loss. It is driving me crazy!!!! I still have a lot of weight to go so I wouldn't think it would be soooo hard and slow. What is the deal??

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