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8/23/13 12:42 A

Hi, Thanks for your response, I will start tracking what I eat :)

0309COOKIE Posts: 8,436
8/22/13 11:19 P

Welcome aboard!


NORASPAT Posts: 52,398
8/22/13 10:22 P

The clue to that is how much do you eat. Once you start tracking you will discover that PORTION control is the key along with exercise.
When we were younger we moved faster we ate faster too. now we eat more than we used to. Now we do not burn as many calories.
Doing your classes will be great but not choosing the right foods in the right portions it just will not go.

I can say all this I am 69 years old and over three years I have changed what I eat and I move more and enjoy life more. I have also lost 50 pounds and gone fro 22 to size 16 that are now loose again. Way to go. emoticon emoticon

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8/22/13 8:18 P

Without knowing your 'weight zone', it's hard to say-how much do you need/or want to lose? Maybe your body is at a 'zone' weight and if you're going to lose, you have to mix up your exercise and definitely log your's possible to lose after 50-dont' give in/or give up!

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8/22/13 5:59 P


I have recently joined, hoping to get inspired/advice. For the last month I have been doing spin classes/running/walking every day, and have not lost any weight. I don't eat badly although I do not track what I eat, I think its my 10 pm. snacks that may do it.... I was thinking of getting a personal trainer, but I tend to bulk up now that I am older, not sure why. I have tried the Dukan diet, but I like my veggies and fruit too much to be denied.....Any advice would be appreciate. Also its that mindset.....already overweight, what difference will it make....HELP....would be appreciated

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