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11/19/12 7:49 P

Yes. I have wondered this too. I made Chef Meg's vegetable risotto today. Where are the cubes of butternut squash in the picture? Mine didn't look anything like the picture. (I actually think mine is prettier.) There was one other time the picture wasn't at all accurate. It is odd.

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11/8/12 12:22 P

I agree that more accurate photos would be beneficial to members. A lot of people using the recipes are novice cooks, and don't really know how something is supposed to look when it's finished. For instance, the photo for "Slow Cooker Northern Bean & Spinach Soup" shows a soup that obviously does not include the diced tomatoes listed, unless diced green tomatoes were used. If diced red tomatoes were used, the color of the soup would be much more brown. That's not specified in the recipe, though.

I'm an experienced cook, so I know how to realize that a photo is misleading, but someone who is newer to cooking will think they have done something terribly wrong. It may even put them off using that recipe again; they may not even try to eat it because it varies too much from what the photo led them to expect, and they'll think they ruined it.

In general I really like Chef Meg's recipes, but I do think JMOUSE99 brings up a good point.

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11/7/12 7:27 P

Can't say I've ever seen a recipe with more than one picture. The "caramelized pears with toasted almonds & yogurt" recipe really bugged me this morning which is why I posted this. The picture looks nothing at all like the recipe except it has a pear in it. Read the comments and you'll see it bugs other people as well.

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11/7/12 1:54 P

We strive to use Chef Meg's photos whenever possible. We do use stock photos for illustrative purposes, but you will usually find Chef Meg's photos on the recipes, too.

Coach Denise

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11/7/12 10:19 A

This may have been addressed before, but I can't find it.
Why do so many of Chef Meg's recipes have pictures that are obviously not for that recipe? I find that a picture of the recipe I am making to be very helpful and inspirational. Pictures that don't match are confusing and just plain annoying. From the comments on some of the recipes, I would say that many people agree with me. What's so hard about taking a picture of a recipe and posting it? It may not be as beautiful as some of the stock photos used, but it sure would be more useful!

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