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How much weight are you trying to lose ? According to your tracker, you want to lose about 5-10 pounds. Is this true ? If so, you can't beat yourself up because the scale isn't moving as fast as you'd like. The closer a person is to a healthy/normal weight for their height, the harder and longer it takes to lose any perceived excess. Someone who is morbidly obese could safely lose 1-2 pounds per week. However, the closer that same person is to a healthy weight for their height, the slower the weight loss.

I too am going to encourage you to get back to some regular exercise that includes some cardiovascular exercise and some strength training. Many studies have shown that a good strength training program CAN help a woman achieve good health post menopause. You might want to check out some of the blogs on exercise and menopause in the Daily Spark. I think you'll find them enlightening because you are not too old to start strength training. It can make a big difference.

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9/28/12 8:39 P

thank you for the means a great deal when I am down like response, I was exercising consistently for months..kinda stopped for the last couple weeks..but I was busy working in my gardens..and the check in on my food was very helpful as well..I need to track all the "bites" I take when cooking emoticon ...again, thank good to know someone is out there

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Hi - I had this problem for many years, knowing I was eating a very healthy diet and also knowing that I wasn't eating a ton of calories. I was also pretty active for a lot of that time.

Are you using the Nutrition Tracker to see what is happening? When I started on SP I discovered that what was recommended for me was what I was already consuming, and gradually gaining weight on. In the end my Dr referred me to a Dietitian. I took some random printouts from my Tracker so that she could see what and how much I ate. She found no problem with either, except that the calories were not for me. I had a very slow metabolism. She set about rectifying that, with good results. After about 30 years of being overweight and slowly continuing to gain, I ended up at goal weight. It took 16 months to lose the first (just over) 50lb, but the slow losses are the better losses.

I suggest that if you aren't using the tracker, start doing so and weigh all of your food for increased accuracy. It is amazing how many extra calories can sneak in when you AREN'T keeping an eye on the food scales:-(


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While I know it seems more difficult to lose weight the older we are, it can be done, but probably more slowly than many of us would like. That being said, what activities are you doing? Are you doing cardio and strength training activities? The older we are the more important it is to build that lean body mass. This comes from following a solid strength training program, in addition to following a healthy diet.

I applaud you for not falling into many of the fad diet trends that are on the market today. While many people see success from these diets, just remember that it only takes eating less food and expending more calories to see a shift on the scale. But you must ask yourself, is this a diet I can follow the rest of my life? If not, then keep working on making the changes that will put you on the path to healthy living.

Coach Nancy

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9/28/12 4:18 P

okay..I can't get the scale to budge..I have already done menopause, have the belly to prove it! I am so discouraged with how I look and yet for 61 I am embarrassed to even admit that vanity is still an issue..I am so tired of feeling self conscious...I always thought with time, I wouldn't feel that way anymore..but I do..and I feel like a loser..just not a pound loser..
thanks for letting me place for my feelings..I have a brother and a sister (older than me) that are both doing the evolution diet...lots of raw food...I am just not that disciplined..they are both thin

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