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UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
7/21/11 4:25 P

Nutrition is the key. However, sometimes the key is eat more, sometimes it's eat less. Sometimes it's change the ratio of macronutrients. You'd really just have to experiment.

Asking which of cardio and strength is more important is like asking "Which is more important in my car, seat belts or holding on to the wheel?" This is not an either/or situation. Both are required.

Have you checked that your goal weight is feasible? You don't mention your height, but you're already very slight. Perhaps what you want to achieve isn't happening for you because you're already at a healthy, or even lower end of healthy, weight?

How fast are you trying to lose it? The last few pounds come off very slowly. If you are eating like you want to lose 2lb/week that can actually stall loss. Try aiming for no faster than half a pound a week. You might be surprised what sort of intake that would require.

DMJAKES Posts: 1,635
7/21/11 9:31 A

If you're doing everything you can on the cardio, maybe it's time to laser focus on your diet. Are you tracking EVERYTHING you eat, and are you being honest about portion sizes? Are you consistently staying within the ranges for protein, carbs, fat, etc? When you get down to those last few pounds, a clean diet will be a huge factor.

I assume you've seen a doctor and/or physical therapist about your knees? Are your shoes in good shape and appropriate for your feet? If your knees are bothering you, running is probably the last thing you should be doing, IMO. Running is not the be-all and end-all exercise and is certainly not for everyone. My hips and low back would be a total mess if I even tried to run.

Are you really doing an hour of strength training every day? You could be overtaxing your muscles, which is counterproductive. Your muscles become stronger while they're recovering, so if you don't give them that time you're headed toward injury.

Maybe it's time to change it up. I've found that doing some of my strength training on an exercise ball brings a whole new dimension to moves I've been doing for a long time. Try resistance bands or some other "toy" you've never incorporated into your routines. The New Rules of Weightlifting for Women by Lou Schuler is a great book for the weightlifting woman.....contains complete routines and instructions, pictures, etc.

7/21/11 9:18 A

Yep, you have to have both for fat loss. Cardio only would get you to goal weight but would result in the loss of muscle, giving you a kind of jiggly, weak, skinny-fat effect.

If you have bad knees, try cycling or a spin-class. It's gentle on your joints, but it's hard freakin cardio. For your strength, try something new like metabolic resistance training/circuit training, where you do the strength moves back-to-back-to-back with little or no rest between exercises, resting only at the end of a completed circuit. This method of strength training marries cardio with strength for a very effective fat burning, conditioning, strengthening combination. That stuff Jillian Michaels schleps will only do so much. After a certain point, you need to lift heavier weights in a more serious strength and conditioning format.

also, take another look at your nutrition - are there any refined, processed, or packaged foods you could get rid of?

Hope this helps.

MIMIDOT Posts: 5,224
7/21/11 8:57 A

Both are important.

TIPYRAIN Posts: 7,416
7/21/11 2:21 A

I've been fighting the last 7 to 10 pound for over a year. There has to be a key. I do both cardio and strength training. I'm NOT a good runner and have REALLY BAD knees so a lot of stuff isn't an option in the cardio dept. Time is also an issue. I walk a lot but, it just takes too much time to do what it takes to burn enough calories to do it consistently. I walk at 4 mph. I've tired going faster but I get shin splints. I go for AT LEAST 1/2 an hour. More often than not I go for 45 to 90 minutes. I run a mile one minute at a time at 6.5 mph every other day and do the walking intermittently. I do at least an hour of strength everyday too. So, what other options do I have. Jillian is too hard on my knees. I used to do the Burn Fat Boost Metabolism all the time but now it's just to painful.

HELP!!!! I have about 7.5 pounds to go and am so ready to maintain. I can do that cuz I've done it. I'm just stuck right now!

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