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MAGNOLIA416 Posts: 5,548
12/30/13 4:55 P

Thanks for all your feedback! I got the FitBit One and love it so far!

It gives me more "fitness minutes" than I feel I deserve, so I'm going to figure out how to tweak how it synchs with SparkPeople. Otherwise, it's great!

MEMARE Posts: 2,365
12/14/13 1:52 P

I've had the Fitbit Ultra that I inherited from my niece when she got her Flex. Then I got DH the Flex for father's day but found he doesn't like to wear 'jewelry', so I traded him. (o:

The Ultra and the One have altimeters so they count flights of stairs. The Flex does not. The new Force has an altimeter, so it counts flights of stairs.
My niece has since upgraded to the Flex Force, she loves it! She works in an office and wears other bangles around the Force to dress it up. One thing to note, the Flex can be used with different color bands as the unit actually can be removed from the band. The Force is not removable from the band from my understanding.

I'm enjoying using the Fitbit and like that it does work 'cross platform' so to speak. I hope you find the unit that works best for what you want. emoticon

SHOOPETTE SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 3,151
12/6/13 3:20 A

Yes it does sync though the main problem I had was that Fit Bit counts calories just "being" and SP doesn't which means that at the end of a normal day of sitting around and doing let's say 30 min of cardio the fitbit would send 2000 cal burned which would count as "burned through exercice" on SP and I'd get red messages that I am not eating enough

LOUIE-LILY Posts: 5,844
12/5/13 11:41 P

Zip works fine for me.

MAGNOLIA416 Posts: 5,548
12/5/13 10:50 A

FitBit still synchs with SparkPeople, right?

RINKMOMOV2 SparkPoints: (50)
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Posts: 3
11/30/13 7:25 A

I have small wrists as well. It actually comes with two straps in the fitbit flex box. A smaller one and a larger one. I am in Canada as well. I just bought a treadmill yesterday but it is not set up yet to see if it works on it. I was told when I bought mine I could return it after I tried it if I was not happy you could ask the store about the return policy before you buy! Hope that helps

LIFEINTHEZONE SparkPoints: (14,474)
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Posts: 333
11/29/13 3:39 P

I had Fitbit One. Unless it has improved, there were issues with it being waterproof. I now have the Spark and like it.

MAGNOLIA416 Posts: 5,548
11/29/13 10:43 A

Cool, me too! Well I'll see if it's on sale for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. FitBit One it is!

DECLARE74 Posts: 2,161
11/29/13 4:46 A

Magnolia I posted on one of my teams about the fitbit also and the "one" seems to be the winner there too - so guess that will be my new years gift to me as I've already sorted my Christmas gift to me :-)

MAGNOLIA416 Posts: 5,548
11/28/13 6:01 P

Sounds good, thanks! Have you used it on treadmill?

JUST_BE1 SparkPoints: (26,481)
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Posts: 376
11/28/13 2:38 P

I have a One, and love it.
It snuggly fits on my bra and I truly don't see how it could fall out. I did where it on my pants once and noticed it slipping out of place when I was going to the washroom, but pushed it back in place.

I work in an office and would be worried about how black/ obvious the Flex is AND i hear that there not as acurate.

MAGNOLIA416 Posts: 5,548
11/28/13 9:07 A

I'm Canadian and they aren't as popular here as they are in the US either. I went to a store that sells them but there wasn't one out of the box to measure and see how big they are, which is important for the Flex. If it's too clunky I wouldn't wear it.

People on Spark have various complaints about the different versions of FitBit. I'm leaning toward the One but I'm not sure.

DECLARE74 Posts: 2,161
11/27/13 10:33 P

I had never heard of a fitbit till joining a team on SP that is predominantly American - now I want one, especially as the SP tracker isn't available in NZ ... I am confused over which to get between the "flex" and the "one" so was going to create a post but found this one - hope you don't mind me adding to your original query and asking whether anyone has had both or why they chose either over the other :-) I can't go in and check them out as I can only buy them online in NZ not from the shop down the road :-)

ps I mainly walk indoors and outdoors but will soon be adding my exercycle back into the equation

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NYXWOLFWALKER SparkPoints: (168,070)
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Posts: 15,176
11/27/13 8:12 P

I have the fitbit flex n it comes with two size bands small n large .. love it .. its as accurate as possible for a electronic utem that bases its numbers on what it counts as movement. If u don't use your arms when running or walking then it only has vibrational movement to track from same as it can count steps fron just driving around. I think like a lot of things u need to take it with a grain of salt.

MAGNOLIA416 Posts: 5,548
11/27/13 2:53 P

Great, thanks! I've been reading around and some people say this FitBit doesn't work with treadmill, this FitBit doesn't work on stairs, this FitBit doesn't work on stationary bike...

Have you used yours on a treadmill? If yes do you think it measures accurately?

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
11/27/13 2:46 P

i have had my one (ultra prior) and never lost it.
I love the One. It is more discreet than the flex or force and i like wearing jewelry and i tried a friends on and its not pretty enough.

Each of the different products that fitbit makes will work and they should work fine. It depends on your goals and your budget.

MAGNOLIA416 Posts: 5,548
11/27/13 1:34 P

Does it count accurately on the treadmill?

WATERONE SparkPoints: (96,566)
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Posts: 1,912
11/27/13 1:20 P

I have the Zip and I love it. Clip it onto my bra as soon as I get dressed and there it stays. I put it on the nightstand by my cell phone each night so I don't forget to put it on in the morning.

MAGNOLIA416 Posts: 5,548
11/27/13 11:49 A

Sorry, I know this is a frequent topic. I still don't have a FitBit and now I'm looking at Black Friday sales. Which one should I get?

My wrists are puny so I wonder if the Force will be too clunky. But I might lose the One (seems like a common complaint).

My exercise: running outdoors and on treadmill, zumba, cycling outdoors, yoga

thanks in advance!

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