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2/26/13 1:17 P

Set a SMART goal.

S-Specific (My goal________be srecific)
M-Measurable (How will I know it is completed?)
A-Achievable (Is it realistic to my life?)
R-Reward (Do not use food)
T-Time-limited (When will I acheive the goal?)

Set small goals, example exercise 10 minutes a day. This way you are not setting yourself up for failure. Then when you acheive your SMART goal do another one.

SUSUSUZZZIE Posts: 7,038
2/22/13 8:42 P

First, I strongly suggest that you don't get mad at yourself. This is a learning process and we all have challenging times, failures, back-slides, etc. For me, it has been very important to try to stay positive (sometimes it is almost impossible) and try to keep learning.

If you aren't reaching your goals, perhaps the goals are a bit too big right now and maybe you can shrink them down into smaller chunks? Set some small goals that you know you can reach so you can build on some success!

Lots of days I don't have motivation for everything and I have to resort to "faking it" for a while. Usually that faking it eventually gets me back on track.

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2/22/13 4:26 P

Maybe your motivation took a vacation with my motivation! emoticon

Seriously, though, I have a hard time with this, too, and I've been on SparkPeople on and off for six years now.

There may be some people who eventually just "get it". They just love to exercise and eat right and it drives them. If I had to guess, I'd say they're in the minority.

I think most of us wake up every morning with a day full of choices. Will I exercise or sleep an extra hour? Will I eat oatmeal or a doughnut? You get the idea.

There are a lot of SparkPeople articles about motivation. Check them out for starters.

Some things that have worked for me over the years:

*Start small. Make it a habit. Then add more. Taking on too much at once can get a bit overwhelming. Set achievable goals and then celebrate every small success.

*Keep your long-term goals in front of you. Maybe it's a certain outfit or a picture of your healthy self. Ask yourself "What do you want?"

*Find the types of exercise and healthy foods that you can use for the long haul--not just for today. They shouldn't just be things you can "live with" but good things you truly enjoy.

*Each day is a new day to get it right.

Keep sharing with us and reaching out with specific needs and questions. We're behind you all the way!

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2/22/13 3:28 P

Day after day Im mad at myself becuase of no motivation and consistencey. Im falling miserable. Help me

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