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4/17/13 11:50 P

I'm glad that the USDA link was what you wanted :-)

As far as transferring your Loseit date to SP, you would be best off to put that request on the Site/Technical Help Forum


4/17/13 10:57 P


Thank you so much for the USDA link. That is a very impressive list, and very detailed. It is exactly what I was looking for!

CM, my preferred place for entering nutrition data is I find that site easier to use than SP, and I have spent quite a lot of time and effort in building up my personalized list of favorites. And, yes, I enter the data from the carton or package, or look it up online, so I am entering the correct information for a specific quantity.

I wish so much that I could sync my LoseIt data into SP!!!!!

My Loseit data is automatically synced over to my account; but, while my fitbit activity data is synced over to SP, my transferred-into-fitbit loseit data does NOT transfer. ????

Anybody know how this might be done? I am NOT going to enter the data twice!

Thanks for your replies.


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4/16/13 7:09 A

As said, it's best to add your own values, based on the nutritional values from either your packages, or the online references.

That's why I always use the weight/volume when I add favourites, rather than going by the "one serving" that most have. It makes no sense to me - because my serving size may not be the same as yours, and gives no point of reference, or chance to adjust.

If I put in that 50 g of something is 'x' calories, and tomorrow I wish to have 60 g - it adjusts. If I only have the option of "one serving"; I'll never know how much that may be.

Best wishes.
It will be a bit of work at first; but well worth it when you have a list of favourites that you can actually use.

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4/16/13 2:26 A

Some foods on the SP Data Base are based on 'whole' cup; etc. values which I also find to be unhelpful. Here is a link to a couple sites which may help:

You will need to enter them into your Favourites, manually.

Good luck,

4/15/13 10:50 P

I recently bought a very nice kitchen scale which weighs in grams, ounces, pounds, etc.

I would like to try weighing my food and entering the calories based on weight, rather than by volume (such as cup, Tbsp, etc.)

Where can I find a listing that shows calories of particular foods, based on ounces, etc.???

Or is there some easier way to do this I am not thinking of????

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