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5/5/13 6:42 P

I always cook from scratch. I weigh all items for increased accuracy. I bulk cook so if I have cooked for 10, I divide the total ingredients by 10 and then enter it, and save it to my Group. Ii might add that there is very little I use here, that is in the Nutrition Data Base. That is USA based, and I am NZ - a lot of different foods. I just enter all my stuff manually and save it into my favourites. It makes life heaps easier.


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5/5/13 6:41 P

honestly unless your recipe specified brands i wouldn't trust that information. if you look under the articles and videos tab you will find where you can enter in each ingredient and the yield and the program will work out the nutrition information for you based on what you actually used. if it's not your own recipe [ie it's from a cookbook] you can simply choose not to share the recipe.

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5/5/13 6:37 P

You can also use to create your own recipes. I LOVE it and use it all the time for items I cook on a regular basis.

5/5/13 6:35 P

You can add your own foods. Directly below the search button on the nutrition tracker page, there's a line of small red text that says "enter food not listed." It'll open a pop up window that lets you name your dish and enter the calorie breakdown.

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5/5/13 6:31 P

What do you do if the food you ate isn't in the search box? I made beef and broccoli pasta skillet from scratch and the recipe I used said it is 365 calories per serving. Well I found something close to that but it's a box mix (Stouffers, I think) and the sodium was crazy high. Is there a way to put in your own food and calories?? I prefer to cook from scratch but it's hard to know if the nutrition will match up.

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