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9/25/14 1:55 A

Listen to the lectures by RICHARD BERNSTEIN M.D. on YouTube and read his book "The Diabetes Solution" as I learned so much from him. He has had Type 1 diabetes since he was 12 and he is a healthy 78, although he was told he wouldn't live past 42. 95% of his patients have Type 2 diabetes. I got his book at the library.

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9/24/14 2:30 A

I'm on an insulin pump now, but when I took injections I was cautioned about exercising when the insulin was peaking. At that time the fast acting peaked in 2 hours and the long acting in 4-6 hours as I recall. If exercise is planned in advance, you can use an injection site that won't be too impacted by the exercise. For example, for a fast-paced walk, you might not want to inject your thigh. Be sure to check your blood sugar before and after exercise, and it's a good idea to check again in another hour or so. Have glucose gel or tablets with you at all times.

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9/1/14 4:15 P

I too am on insulin, but only take it at night. I've never been told to wait an hour after taking insulin to exercise, even when I was taking short acting insulin. I need to exercise after I eat so that I have enough fuel. I make sure to always bring a snack with me and some juice. I couldn't exercise before breakfast as my blood sugar would be way too low and I have found that exercising before meals the same It may be a matter of trial and error, especially as you see how your body and sugars react to both the insulin and the exercise to find the best times for your meals, insulin and exercise. It definitely requires some planning. Good luck with that and most importantly don't be afraid to exercise.

6/6/14 2:11 P

I'm on insulin and wondering what's the best time to exercise since I'm told to wait an hour after I take my insulin.

If I exercise in the morning, can I exercise before breakfast? That's before I take my insulin.

or is another time better. Plus I work 9-5 job and 1 hour for lunch and not able to do exercise then either since I use insulin at lunchtime. emoticon

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