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8/8/11 5:49 P

just make a huge salad and sprinkle with chilli flakes and lkow fat yoghurt

8/8/11 5:48 P

Thanks for the suggestions. The "aside from beans and rice" wasn't because those things aren't (or can't be) healthy, but because I made the black bean chicken on Saturday -- and since there are just two of us, we've eaten beans and rice for a LOT of meals (still have several containers of leftovers!)! Looking for ideas that are different so that we aren't eating the same thing all the time.

LALULALU Posts: 183
8/8/11 5:28 P

corn cake, avocado salad, cottage cheese, baked fries, cucumber salad... are some sides we usually have on taco night instead of rice and beans

8/8/11 5:00 P

Just found the refried beans Sparks recipe:
May have to try it since it is lower cal and pinto rather than black bean (we've eaten black beans several times this week in the black bean chicken recipe).

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8/8/11 4:57 P

Beans a rice is good for your, use brown rice, and give yourself more beans then rice :) But other than that, i like a side salad, or corn.

8/8/11 4:47 P

beans are good for him and you. jicama, avocado, salsa, pica de gallo,

8/8/11 4:34 P

My husband is craving tacos, so I plan to make them for dinner tomorrow (using ground turkey instead of beef). What do I serve with them? Looking for something other than the usual rice and beans...

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