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2/11/13 1:14 P has some good recipes too. And I second skinnytaste...Ive made many things from there that people don't even know are healthy (not that healthy doesn't taste good, people often have preconceived notions of what healthy tastes like and then claim they don't like it).

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2/10/13 4:12 P

Thanks, for the new ideas I will search them out. I am always looking for new ideas. One thing I did notice alot of the recipes start either with box mixes or people eat out alot. When I look up my food for tracking there are very few that are actually home cooked. I guess I like to cheat and not calculate my recipes, but I started doing this and its a real eye opener. My home made hamburger buns were 350 calories each, but I did find a SP WW bun that I made yeasterday and they came out great. Thanks for the help!!!!!!!!!!!

2/10/13 2:21 P

Cooking Light is always a winner too! I like the blog and these others:

sometimes the directions are a little weak or there is way too much oil used, but I enjoy trying to make the recipes healthy and I've had a lot of really good flavors from these guys.

If anyone has other blogs they follow please share! Especially if they are real food based :)

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2/8/13 5:21 P

I like "going ethnic" so to speak, for some variety. A couple weeks ago, I was on a Thai kick. This past week, plenty of Italian. Who knows what next week will bring...!

I enjoy reading cookbooks/recipe sites, and get a lot of good menu ideas that way.

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2/8/13 1:14 P

I agree with looking at the recommended sites/blogs for inspiration.

But also: "I go through sp recipes everyday looking for that one fantastic dish." I'd almost say "screw that" and take a good ol' regular cookbook -- or the SP one, that's fine -- (the more recent Betty Crocker editions have plenty of 'healthier' recipes, there's Bittman's original How to Cook Everything as well as his vegetarian take on it, etc.), and just force variety on myself by working my way though large segments, perhaps scheduling ahead a bit -- this week or month it's A, B, C, and D; next week H, I, J & K ... I might adust some recipes to make them healthier, or fewer servings, whatever to fit my lifestyle and nutrition needs. But I'd give up (1) most of my go to meals for a bit, except some backups for when I need something 'now', and (2) the search for the perfect or fantastic.

But that's just me. And it might just be a matter of two new recipes a week because of work/time constraints. But still.

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2/8/13 12:05 P

OMG just went onto the web page you suggested shinny All I can say is Thank you, Thank you and thank you again lots of good recipes. Can't wait to get started, although I did find a good WW Bun recipe on SP today that I am going to try this afternoon. You guys are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2/8/13 11:43 A

I have hoards of recipes saved to try. I use Pinterest to find them, but what about checking out some food blogs to find inspiration? is my favorite one. I also like She doesn't give nutritional info there but most of the recipes I've tried have turned out to be pretty healthy.

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2/8/13 10:31 A

Hi, I have a question. I cook all my meals, but now its February and it seems like I made all my go to meals a hundred times. I have a freezer full of pork and beef and more frozen and canned vegetables to shake a stick at. I go through sp recipes everyday looking for that one fantastic dish. Don't get me wrong I made lots of dishes off the sp recipes and loved some and some not so much. What do other people do when they can't figure out there next great low cal meal. I am lucky we don't eat out because I think that's what I would be doing.

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