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6/23/09 11:17 A

IBHLKING- you are correct about the ginger and the soda. Ginger is great for settling nausea and sugar/syrup is the main ingredient in the only OTC product for nausea (emmetrol) so you have to watch for that if you need to avoid sugar. I usually go with gingerale and toast with honey on it to get the full spectrum of relief.

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6/22/09 8:40 P

I was sick a few days ago with pretty much the same thing, except it dragged on for longer. The number one thing for you to do is to DRINK. And not just water. Drink Gatorade or G2; you need to supply your body with the electrolytes it lost due to your illness. Also, stick to eating healthily, and don't worry about tracking anything if you're still ill. The most important thing for you to do right now is to get better.

IBHLKING Posts: 1,341
6/22/09 8:11 P

It isn't the bubbles in ginger ale that is the is the ginger. Ginger is supposed to help with nausea so you can also try ginger snaps. We used carry them on car trips to help with motion sickness. I believe it is the syrup in the coke that helps. Just last night a friend told me that they gave her straight soda syrup when she had the same issue.

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6/22/09 6:35 P

Hmmm...I'd always heard that it was the bubbles that made ginger ale and 7up good for a stomachache in the first place. I never would have thought of drinking Coke (I don't really like the stuff). I looked it up, though, and there are a lot of people who say it's better to let it go flat. I learn something new every day. :)

I'd be careful avoiding water, though. If you're vomiting then you're losing a LOT of water, and you need to make sure you don't get dehydrated. Maybe tea or Pedialyte would work? A lot of teas have calming properties, as other people have already mentioned, and sports drinks (in small quantities) or Pedialyte can help you get back some of the electrolytes you've lost. The sugar could pose a hazard but I'd assume that small quantities would be safe.

Hope you're feeling better!

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6/22/09 10:48 A

both of my parents actually told me last night. I'm not sure if it is BAD for vomitting, but they both said it wouldn't calm the stomach like flat ginger ale or coca cola.

I guess when you are that sick, anything you put in your body makes you more likely to throw up, but ginger ale and coke (flat) have calming qualities that other drinks don't.

I hate to admit it, but the illness was from going out to a byob place for dinner and having too much to drink, although i've never been hungover like that before so maybe the food i ate contributed (sushi)

thanks for all the tips everyone, this morning i had some cheerios and rice cakes later, and i think i can eat pretty normally now, my stomach is still just a little upset.

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6/22/09 9:43 A

I've found that the old-fashioned classics work well when you've been nauseated or vomiting: clear-broth soups, saltines or dry toast, warm cereal, popsicles...they all work well for me. Basically, keep it gentle and fairly bland, and you should be fine.

Depending on what caused the upset stomach, not all dairy is bad. Small amounts of yogurt can be very helpful for a lot of stomach ailments (just avoid the sugary varieties).

Where did you hear that water can contribute to throwing up? I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm just honestly curious, because that seems extremely counter-intuitive to me when you need to stay hydrated.

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6/22/09 9:28 A

This is when you don't worry about getting enough calories and the nutrients for the day. Your stomach needs a break. Stick to clear liquids for several hours. Broth, tea, jello. If that stays down, graduate to the brat diet - bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. Drink water but in small sips - don't gulp. I'm not saying a sip an hour, but make sure it's down and settled before the next sip. You need to stay hydrated. Hope you feel better.

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6/22/09 9:19 A

Sorry to hear that you were ill yesterday. Glad that you are feeling better.

when I have had a rough patch with my stomach I try to eat soup (veggie or chicken) with a couple saltines. I also sip gingerale or eat a plain baked potato
staying away from dairy products is good and anything that makes your stomach feel heavy (for me when i am sick I stay away from beef, anything made with oil and condiments or heavy spices)

hope that helps

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6/22/09 9:19 A

You need to drink water to keep from dehydration. Never heard that it contributes to throwing up. Not knowing what made you sick in the first place it's a little difficult to say what you should eat. If you got a touch of food poisoning I'd take a good look at what all you ate the day before you were sick and stay away from that. Chicken broth soups are always highly recommended but I'd go with what your body feels like eating.

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6/22/09 8:58 A

Yesterday I was sick alllll day, I had 4 different boughts of vomitting, and couldn't keep anything down until 10pm when I finally kept down 1/2 cup of gatorade and 5 saltines.

I woke up feeling much better today, and not surprisingly, weighed in at 3 lbs lighter because I couldn't keep myself hydrated and full with food.

What should I eat and not eat today to make sure I don't continue to be ill?

Also, what do you all reccomend for stomach issues? Which foods would make this illness worse and which would help ? (i assume things like sugar and dairy would make it worse, but I was also told water contributes to throwing up...which I didn't know)


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