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8/29/13 11:40 A

Absolutely consult your health professional before doing anything to make sure you won't exacerbate or aggravate your condition!!! If you have permission to walk, I would highly recommend it!

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8/29/13 11:36 A

Go to the doctors and get an x ray, and a bone scan. If you end up getting pain killers or taking Tylenol, that may not necessarily make the situation go away. These tests will show and tell you how much damage was done to the bones, and where. After a severe car accident where my car was totaled they sent me out to physical therapy. I did stretches/ and exercises in a pool/and swam. A chiropractor aliens your bones, unless you have a disk problem. In that case you need to go to a different type of chiropractor. After 10 years of back pain & nerve damage to my arms, and my leg going numb, I was just sick of the drugs. and not really getting totally better. I did Garden of Eden Probiotics(dry/on shelf/3 x's a day) and am proud to say that I no longer have back pain, and have never had surgery. Hope this helps you. Also, extra weight does put a strain on the back among other health issues.

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8/29/13 11:00 A

I would ask your doctor for a referral to a physical therapist that can work directly with you for exercise. Other than that, I would recommend focusing on your nutrition intake and making sure you are staying within your nutrition ranges.

Coach Denies

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8/29/13 12:07 A

Some of the water aerobics classes might be okay. I know that the gym I go to has a lot of people who have painful medical conditions (like arthritis) who attend their water aerobics classes. Check with your local gym or Y and your doctor, of course. emoticon

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8/28/13 11:11 P

Start with the exercises the physical therapist had you doing. Then add walking, gradually increasing your distance. Check out some of the core exercise videos on SP and some of the chair exercises. Don't do anything that hurts but keep looking for ways to strengthen your core which can reduce pain back.

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8/28/13 11:01 P

its my lower back Kimmy

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8/28/13 10:59 P


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8/28/13 10:39 P

I watch what I eat, and walk walk walk

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8/28/13 10:34 P

I have taken physical therapies they help a lot and i think its good to take less calories emoticon Cirandella

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8/28/13 9:38 P

I like what NET said. See an orthopedist and have him or her refer you to a physical therapist if needed - so much can be done via physical therapy (I speak as someone with a lousy back :) Losing weight - taking in fewer calories than you expend - can help enormously, too.

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8/28/13 9:36 P

First of all, I am NOT a doctor. But I did have a strained muscle group that pushed on a nerve in my lower back. The result, I could not walk much further than 10 feet without lots of pain. It also resulted in losing work for 2 months. Anyway, what helped me get back to a semi-normal workout routine was stretches provided by my Physical Therapist and localized massage therapy. Sitting for long periods of time is ultimately what is suspected for my back issues. Find a doctor that will help you get on the right path to a more active lifestyle. Don't settle for generalities like "do not do heavy exercises". You really have to take your health into your hands, no one else can. Hope this helps. PM me if you wish too. Good luck!!

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8/28/13 9:03 P

Is it your lower back or thoracic area of your back?

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8/28/13 8:47 P

Hi guys, I had a back pain problem so my doctor recommended me not to do heavy exercises, need your suggestions what kind of weight loss program i choose for myself.

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