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7/14/13 9:35 P

Monday night is chicken tenderloins simmered in a tomato basil sauce. Sides will be steamed green beans, and maybe a roll. (this makes 4 servings so it will also provide for 3 lunches)

Tuesday night is mustard crusted pork chops, sauteed green beans, and some roasted new potatoes.

Wednesday night is a grilled steak with a chimichurri sauce, side will be a zucchini and new potato hash.

Thursday night is Korean sloppy joes on buns. No sides since they have veggies in the meat mixture. This will also make leftovers for Friday's lunch.

No plan for Friday yet. Sometimes we decide to go out.

My snacks and breakfast are the same every week, snacks are a fiber bar and carrots and hummus, breakfast is apples, greek yogurt, cinnamon, and a bit of granola.

7/14/13 8:19 P

For lunches at work, big salads with chicken or egg or other lean protein, and some fresh fruit. For breakfast, high-fiber, high-protein cereal and milk. For dinner, mahi-mahi tomorrow. I guess that's as far as I've planned....

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7/14/13 7:42 P

Just bought 12 oz bacon, 3 lbs. chicken, and unthawed 2 pounds of steak. Gone over the weekend so my batch cooking days got switched to Sun night and Monday night. Picked up cottage cheese and plain geek yogurt for snacks as well as the usual fruits and veggies. Breakfast will be microwaved eggs with quick oats and salsa. Got some sweet potatoes and black beans around the house for sides.

KAYAHSLOANE1 Posts: 10,520
7/14/13 12:20 P

Meal Prep for me is on Sundays, I decide what's for dinner Sunday-Saturday and whatever I do not have in the pantry or freezer/fridge goes on the list when I go to shop on Monday. I prep fruit & vegetables and defrost the items that need it for the next 2-3 days.

Today I have the items for a large pot of very low sodium vegetable bean chicken soup, a mixed salad that is premade already. A pita bread sandwich for me & salmon or chicken for the SO for supper, tomorrow's dinner is soba noodles with stir fry vegetables and chicken, Tuesday is a roasted turkey type supper, Wednesday is Tilapia this week, Thursday is repurposed turkey from Tuesday which I am not sure yet what we will be having, Brown Rice or Quinoa likely. Friday the SO and I usually go out for supper. I'll see what I have Friday for an easy supper Saturday so basically I just have to purchase snack products like items for good trail mix, some Luna Bars, Hummus, Eggs, Fruit, Vegetables, Black Beans, Naan or Pita and a bag of chips or snacking crackers.
I usually get some of those Protein Juices for the SO just for ease since he likes to just have breakfast and shower in the morning and get going to the office after taking his Bento Lunch out of the fridge. I'll probably make breakfast muffins & healthy cookies for the SO tomorrow when he is at work since he has a few left. I usually make his Bento Lunch every night he needs it unless he tells me he is having a working lunch with his team or wants something I don't prepare.

I usually make second meals with the first 3 days dinner in a new style and some of those leftovers can go toward lunches for the SO and sometimes breakfast add-ins.

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7/13/13 4:28 P

Tomorrow is meal prep so today is meal planning....what are you guys eating?

I've got to prep:
protein bars
balsamic vinigrete
hard boiled eggs
black bean cayenne salsa

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