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1/25/12 4:56 P


Whenever you make a change to your program you may have a change in your calories range. Although SparkPeople does not recommend that you track your ST exercises in your cardio tracker, when you made the change, if could be that your calories burned figure changed therefore causing a change in your calorie range.

Coach Nancy

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I'm guessing that you increased the amount of calories that you burn through strength training. When you do this, Spark will rework the daily calorie intake range as well. This is because you will need to eat more in order to fuel your workouts.

Does that make sense?

1/25/12 4:40 P

I changed my strength training tracker to be my own, instead of the Spark generated one. I changed nothing else, yet my daily calorie intake increased! Not that I'm complaining.....just wondering why?

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