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3/19/13 7:55 P

Thanks Tanya, I was freaked out at first but kept going. Now I'm losing inches, then a pound,then inches again slow but steadily now. Hopefully this will happen for SARATEE also.

3/19/13 1:49 P

My first guess is that you're eating too many calories. Where did you get your "calorie range"?

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
3/19/13 11:02 A

Be sure your program is set up accurately for your goals but also the amount of exercise you are doing. If so, the range should be correct. Aim for the lower end of the range on non-workout or light workout days and the upper end on heavier cardio days.

It's true that many people either gain a little weight or don't see any change on the scale for as long as 4-6 weeks after making a significant change in their level of exercise. This is often explained as "gaining muscle while losing fat" but that isn't quite accurate. This extra weight is usually water.

When you start doing more exercise, your body begins storing more fuel in your muscle cells, where it can be used easily and quickly to fuel your workouts. The process of converting glucose (carbohydrates) into fuel that your muscles actually store and use (glycogen) requires three molecules of water for every molecule of glucose. As your muscles are building up glycogen stores, your body has to retain extra water for this purpose. That's what causes most of the initial weight gain or lack of weight loss. This is a good thing—not something to worry about.

Keep on keeping on...

Coach Tanya

SARAHTEE Posts: 145
3/19/13 9:58 A

THats the other thing my clothes are lol If they were loose i don't think I would care as much, but they arent.I have been tracking my food as well,adjusted it.

CJ2BHEALTHY SparkPoints: (20,320)
Fitness Minutes: (36,034)
Posts: 302
3/19/13 8:38 A

The same thing happened to me,in Jan so I came back to Sparks and started tracking my food. Everyone keeps telling me it's because muscle weighs more than fat. In Feb I lost 7 of the 10 I gained and I lost 9 inches. All I know is my measurements are smaller but I weigh more however I losing inches and pounds regardless...keep at it!

SARAHTEE Posts: 145
3/19/13 8:14 A

ok So started back at the gym about a month and a half ago. I feel that I should have at least lost 1 pound, but i have not I have gained 10 and now iam heavier then I have been in 6 years. I am eating right, in my calorie range. But everytime i step on the scale it seem to be creeping up.This is really disheartening for me. Sorry just needed to vent.

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