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SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,888
12/18/12 6:45 A

Glad you found it, Tisha! Happy Holidays to you too!

Coach Jen

SWEETISHA1 Posts: 668
12/18/12 3:43 A

Hiya cooach Jen..
I found the one video i missed and bookmarked it now..
but it wasn't there before...
there used to be a whole set of video's from other people with different choices of exercises which i used to do to change my routine to get variety on occasions..
Unfortunately i don't see them now, hopefully they come up on the daily digest in the future,but many thanks coach Jen for your fast reply and advice
Wishing you a lovely xmas for you and all of SP fam and all..

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,888
12/16/12 7:38 A

We have some videos from other sources, but most of them are our own. If there were any from an Austrailian woman, they'd likely still be there and there might only be a few. Perhaps you were thinking of another site?

Coach Jen

SWEETISHA1 Posts: 668
12/16/12 4:56 A

Hiya coach Jen

thanks for your reply..

But unfortunately it does not help as i had done that and could not find all the exercises.. there are not so many as before my pc broke down...
Did SP stop doing video's from other people?? i did not get a mail about any change..
The video page is different though..
But i so miss all the other video options especially that one from the australian (?) lady..
Thanks tisha

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,888
12/15/12 10:11 A

Hi Tisha

If you click on Healthy Lifestyle at the top of the page and go to Videos, you'll find all of them there.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

SWEETISHA1 Posts: 668
12/15/12 9:55 A

I have not been able to get online for a few months due to my pc being continually at the IT shop for repairs..
Now I'm back online i can't find all the video's that i loved on SP..
There is one i especially miss....
I can't remember her name , but i believe she's a trainer originally from australia who did a pretty fast cardio workout, it's a really great workout, I miss it.. I've been looking on youtube but i can't find it.. I don't remember her name either..only that she has short hair and i believe an australian accent.. but i might be wrong about that....
Can anyone help me find her or/and who knows what happened to all the video choices?? has SP taken them all off?? if so will be a shame for people with a very low budget....
thanks in advance tisha

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