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2/5/13 6:58 A

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2/5/13 6:44 A

I have friends who are diabetic and have a hard time eating right, but its because they don!t want to. this is sad because the disease causes so many other chronic illnesses, heart disease blindness, kidney failure and a lot more. I would suggest U consult with a nutritionist about a low glycemic index diet. The person who mentioned whole foods is right on. The key ingredient to this journey is exercise and diet working together., I wish U well. Please read my blogs on spark page to see what a life is like with heart disease, heart failure, irregular hearbeat, blocked arteries etc emoticon emoticon I warn u now this is not going to be easy, but just do it emoticon emoticon

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TENNISJIM Posts: 11,750
2/5/13 6:28 A

I love fruits and veggies

2/4/13 11:32 P

Great advice about the doctor and nutritionist. Very important to have personalized advice when you are diabetic! Adding more vegetables is probably a safe bet, but as far as what to do about carbs, fats, fiber and even fruits, you should talk to a pro. emoticon

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2/4/13 10:26 P

The doctor who diagnosed you diabetes should have answered this question for you at that time, or at least sent you to a Registered Dietitian who could. Call you doctor's office tomorrow and tell them that the doc "forgot" to set you up with your diabetic education program. That's part of his/her job, and going to the classes is your job.

What foods are "good for you" depends on your medical situation right now. Some diabetics just have to lay off the obvious junk food, while others have to be very careful about everything. That's why, at least at first, you need advice from a real-life professional who can see your medical records and do more testing if needed. If your doctor never suggested classes, you probably ought to look for a new doctor. If s/he did but you didn't go, then it's time for you to listen to your doc.

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2/4/13 8:44 P

Vegies, beans, fruit, chicken, egg whites & lots of water.

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2/4/13 6:51 P

fruits veggies, lean meats and whole grains like brown rice or whole wheat bread.

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2/4/13 6:32 P

The answer is easy. The practice of choosing the "best" foods regularly is not easy!

What you want are WHOLE foods -- foods that are closest to the way they arrived in nature! So that means plants (fruits, veggies and legumes) that are fresh, unprocessed or lightly processed, not preserved in salt and chemicals.

It also means fresh, low-fat proteins, like lean chicken, turkey, pork and (occassionally) beef -- again, the less "processed" the better, not smoked, brined, or otherwise pre-salted.

And finally carbs that digest slowly -- like whole grains, high-fiber pastas, and winter squashes that are also sweet-ish but high in fiber and rich in nutrients.

THAT's what's good for us!
Oh that I could manage to eat that way, every day, every meal!
Best wishes as you work to shape your eating plan and learn to enjoy all that is GOOD for you!


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2/4/13 6:17 P

Hello I am new to Spark and I have posted all of my foods today, but after reviewing them alot of my calories are from Carbs and Fat. I am a diabetic (type 2) and want to be in better shape. Please give me some advise on what foods I should really be eating.

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