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8/15/13 6:49 A

One thing to try would just be ditching the dumbbells - less stress on the knees.


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8/14/13 1:11 P

Thank you everyone. I will try some of those tips. Sunday was my first leg day and I am STILL sore, but not hurt, from squats. I dread doing leg day again. LOL.

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8/11/13 10:42 P

Great substitutes but also check your form on your lunges. Make sure your knee is over your foot and does not come forward. That forward knee position creates stress on your knee.
Also try a rear lunge.

8/11/13 5:19 P

Some knee-friendlier substitutes for lunges -
Split squats -

Step-ups -
Romanian deadlift -

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8/11/13 11:18 A


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8/11/13 10:59 A

I am having an issue with my left knee and the dumbbell lunges are making it worse. Can someone please tell me what would be the next best exercise for my hamstrings that wouldn't stress my knees so much?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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