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ASHLEYAMBER0710 Posts: 244
10/16/13 7:40 A

I can run 25 minutes straight without stopping because I couldn't breath. :)

THROOPER62 Posts: 34,993
10/16/13 5:59 A

Flip the mattress, without honey can you help me. emoticon

TRYINGHARD54 Posts: 5,292
10/16/13 5:58 A

cant answer this question yet.

MIAMI_LILLY SparkPoints: (196,093)
Fitness Minutes: (81,427)
Posts: 9,550
10/16/13 5:55 A

I can run a mile without stopping to catch my breath.

MISSJANE55 SparkPoints: (42,272)
Fitness Minutes: (32,050)
Posts: 1,252
10/15/13 8:57 P

almost everything I used to do before having both hips replaced.

BECKY0111 SparkPoints: (40,279)
Fitness Minutes: (6,612)
Posts: 218
10/15/13 7:51 P

I can scratch my back.

BELLA2244 SparkPoints: (2,138)
Fitness Minutes: (1,155)
Posts: 34
10/15/13 7:44 P

walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes at a time.

RENEEV777 Posts: 200
10/15/13 7:05 P

admit that I am obese

10/15/13 6:36 P

I can tie my own shoes:(

LULUCALLY SparkPoints: (18,486)
Fitness Minutes: (17,254)
Posts: 833
10/15/13 6:27 P

I can run and lift heavier things.

GODSCHILDAMYB SparkPoints: (28,693)
Fitness Minutes: (13,016)
Posts: 4,140
10/15/13 6:17 P

I can be more active and enjoy doing it. I want to continue adding more things to my ability to the point that I am unstoppable.

UMBILICAL Posts: 12,786
10/15/13 6:07 P

smile more.

FITBITFAN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (47,735)
Posts: 110
10/15/13 6:02 P

The main thing that I can do now that I couldn't do before is get back on the wagon when I fall off of it. I used to have a big problem with ALL or NOTHING thinking. Before if I messed up I would think the day, the week, the month, or the whole diet plan was shot and over. Now, I can really just say that I made a mistake by eating whatever and carry on...not starting over tomorrow or Monday. Immediately. It took some practice. But, now I catch myself in the negative you blew it type of thinking and put a stop to it. I stop that negative thinking by telling myself it was only one minute, one snack or one meal. It was a weak moment and a mistake I made; but it is over and I am back on track. NOW.

JULIA1154 Posts: 1,783
10/15/13 1:52 P

Among many, many changes, I can: wear size 4P consistently, look great in a skirt, enjoy dressing for just about any occasion. And yes, spend an hour on the treadmill or doing kettlebells and feel invigorated rather than wiped out!

JBALDWIN29 Posts: 5,136
10/15/13 1:04 P

After training with the spark walk/jog 5 week program I can finally jog and do 3 miles in under 45 minutes.

CHAPELSMACK SparkPoints: (29,350)
Fitness Minutes: (20,449)
Posts: 236
10/15/13 12:39 P

I can go up stairs and run for the bus without losing my breath. I can walk long distances and feel great afterward.

BOXERLOVER29 SparkPoints: (1,004)
Fitness Minutes: (689)
Posts: 33
10/15/13 12:32 P

Walk for 3 jog for 2 consistently for 20 min.

MARYJ1959 SparkPoints: (11,385)
Fitness Minutes: (788)
Posts: 66
10/15/13 10:34 A

Stay awake all day and moving. I use to have a 2-3 hour nap during the day or early evening. I was exhausted all the time. Now I am awake all day and not sitting on the coach because it took too much energy to do anything.

AMANDA660 Posts: 881
10/15/13 9:22 A

Push ups! Never thought I'd be a push up queen......never never never!

DEANNA0725 SparkPoints: (22,611)
Fitness Minutes: (13,947)
Posts: 2,072
10/15/13 9:10 A

fit into smaller clothes, run four miles without blinking an eye, haul the wet clothes up 10 steps then carry them out to the backyard to hand them out to dry, make better food choices, and well the list can go on and on but I will stop there.

PEACENCARROTS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,904)
Posts: 235
10/14/13 10:20 A

run for longer periods of time. emoticon

10/14/13 1:39 A

Get up off the floor if I fall! There was a time I could barely manage it with help!

SLENDERELLA61 SparkPoints: (299,634)
Fitness Minutes: (194,210)
Posts: 10,197
10/13/13 8:28 P

run, smile at myself in the mirror, keep up with my grandkids, look forward to lab reports

FAITHP44 Posts: 8,714
10/13/13 10:06 A

Get out the bath easily.

EMMACORY Posts: 21,748
10/3/13 12:03 A


TACDGB Posts: 6,136
10/2/13 11:28 P

I can do squats with a 51 lb. barbell...........I can walk 10 miles.

ERINTFG SparkPoints: (45,448)
Fitness Minutes: (23,467)
Posts: 563
10/2/13 10:57 P

running! Although not far. LOL

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
Fitness Minutes: (82,255)
Posts: 2,954
10/2/13 6:28 P


ONTHEPATH2 SparkPoints: (157,022)
Fitness Minutes: (156,148)
Posts: 7,300
10/2/13 1:51 P

walk a mile ---- actually multiple miles - but when I started SP back in March - I couldn't walk a mile!

ZERO_WILL_POWER SparkPoints: (4,028)
Fitness Minutes: (4,934)
Posts: 57
10/2/13 1:45 P

I have never been able to do chin ups. Ever. I remember how I felt in front of the 8th grade gym class when we were going for a personal best and I could do... yep... zero. With a lot of work over the last 18 months and some help from Sparkpeople, going on 37 years old, I can now do 4 sets of 5... I try to increase a single set by one rep each week.

I also remember once about 5 years go dropping and doing push ups when someone jokingly challenged me to do 20... I remember how at #6 I thought wow this is really hard, and at #11 I physically could not lift myself up again. I can now do 40 straight with no problem.

I can grab a 10' basketball rim, haven't done that in 20 years.

And oh yeah, most recently, I can bench press more than my body weight... I was really happy when I finally hit that goal a few weeks ago.

Edited by: ZERO_WILL_POWER at: 10/2/2013 (13:48)
RUBENB2003 Posts: 14,837
10/2/13 1:06 P

I can walk around an amusement park and not need to take a break every 15 minutes.

AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (74,443)
Posts: 3,293
10/2/13 1:05 P

I can swim a mile--5280 feet, NOT a swimmers' mile--in 30 minutes doing the backstroke. When I first started it took me an hour to swim less than half a mile.

I can also do pull ups now, which shocked the heck out of me. It's not part of my regular routine, just something I try for fun every once in a while.

DRFOOTWEAR SparkPoints: (2,309)
Fitness Minutes: (4,271)
Posts: 60
10/2/13 11:33 A

For me(starting on Jan 1,2013):

0 chin-ups to 10 chin-ups in one set

1 pushup to 20 pushups in one set

2 miles at a 4mph pace on the treadmill(and bad shinsplints) to finishing 5K in 26 minutes

nothing impressive,but considering where I started from I am pleased. Other minor accomplishments include not getting winded after climbing a flight of stairs and not sweating when I eat.
Reading about people's improvements and seeing progress on their little meters is motivating to me.

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