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1/18/13 2:38 P

umm I have on and off started listening to my body more after reading HAES. sometimes when I would usually binge on carbs, I'm eating much less than I used to.

and today I weighed in LESS than my goal weight. yay. now lets see if I can maintain that for at least 2 weeks. and while sick!!!!

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
1/18/13 3:09 A

Get your diet perfect - and I do mean PERFECT - and if your plateau doesn't end, *stop working out completely* for 1-2 weeks.

If that doesn't fit it for you, I give up. 99% of the time this will work.

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1/17/13 3:56 P

Swippy, you are funny

rainbow charmer - funny that you mention that. when I was losing weight more than I am now, one day was more exercise and one day less. one day more calories,, and the other day less.

thanx for the reminder.

and I know I have to go for quality - I found out the hard way that if I'm exhausted, I should SLEEP and not try to squeeze in one more workout that'll end up bein sloppy anyways,.

SWIPPY Posts: 86
1/17/13 1:06 P

What broke my last plateau? Christmas holiday season ended.

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1/17/13 1:02 P

The way I understand plateaus after many false starts/stops/failures is that they are a state of same-ness. So, when you're in a plateau, nothing is moving either direction. And the way to break out of that sameness is to change something.

When you get into a routine, and you do the same exercises every day and eat the same foods (or calories) every day, your body will find a balance there - a state of "same-ness" and will plateau. To prevent that, you have to change things up. Surprise your body with a different type of fitness - if you're a runner, swim. If you're a swimmer, bike. If you aren't lifting weights - start. Etc. Change something. In addition, I've found that calorie zig-zagging has been helpful for me when I was in weight-loss mode.

So I'd spend 2-3 days eating at my minimum calorie goal, and then a day at my max, then 2-3 days at the min, and a day at my max. I really found that very helpful not only in preventing plateaus, but in keeping me from abandoning the process altogether.

Good luck. Plateaus are absolutely manageable. Just takes effort.

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1/17/13 11:10 A

oh wow. thanx. I just added a tiny bit of interval training last night. it REALLY got my heart rate up!

and my thighs are sore. hehe

UGAKATE85 Posts: 2,630
1/17/13 9:56 A

adding running into my exercise schedule

1/17/13 7:51 A

honest tracking

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
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1/17/13 7:08 A

Eating less and getting stricter in measuring my food as well as doing more intense cardio and ST.

Now I've hit another wall so I've raised my calories up slightly and am trying calorie cycling.

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1/16/13 9:24 P

okay thanx. will check it out. I am also interested in maybe kettleballs and possibly using my own weight as resistence.

soooooo much to choose from its crazy

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1/16/13 7:43 P

Strength training! I'll second the recommendation for the New Rules of Lifting for Women and for lifting heavy -- if you don't challenge yourself, you'll never get off that plateau.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
1/16/13 7:32 P

I am loving the BeFit 30 Day 6 Pack on the BeFit channel on YouTube. It's intense, though. I also like Coach Nicole's crunch less core video here on SP and Plates inspired core workouts. See if you can fine New Rules of Lifting for Women at your library. Don't be afraid to lift heavy. You can lift more than you think, think about all the lifting you do in real life. Hw much does a carseat with a baby in it weigh? Or the 6 bags of groceries you lug in the house in an attempt to only make one trip? If weights are intimidating, you can get cheap resistance bands at Walmart and start there. The BeFit Channel also has BeFit in 90 (and a new more intense one I haven't tried) that combines moderate weights for moderate reps circuit style along with cardio workouts that's pretty good.

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1/16/13 7:28 P

Running helped me, but I also increased my intake of fruits and vegetables at the same time.

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1/16/13 7:25 P

i'm quite wimpy so next week i was going to try and add in some core training program for women who have had kidz. it includes interval training.

if you know of any core training or strenght training for wimpy women, PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEASE let me know!

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
1/16/13 7:23 P

If your diet hasn't been in order, start there. Try something new with exercise. If you have been doing the same routine for months on end, it's time to change it up. Throw in some intervals, try HIIT or even some Tabata protocol if you're fit enough for it. Make sure you're doing adequate strength training, lifting nice and heavy.

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MOMMYOF2RN Posts: 579
1/16/13 7:23 P

I usually adjust my diet when I plateau, but I havent plateaued since I started running. I started with SP couch to 5K program. Good Luck!

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1/16/13 7:16 P

I have had a plateau for months. I am NOT saying that food doesn't have SOMETHING to do with it, but as for exercise

what did you do to break your pleateau? what kind of exercise did you do?

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