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4/28/11 11:29 P

Eggbeaters in my area are under the brandname Crystal Farms, among many others. It is a great solution to throwing out egg yolks if you aren't going to eat them.

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3/22/11 9:51 A

It is packaged liquid egg white. You can get it here under the brand name Two Chicks. My local Tesco sells it (sometimes!) and it is located in the chilled food section with the prepared pastry.

I used to be very snooty about this, thinking it was an American affectation, but in fact it is a great product. You can add it to a whole egg to make a huge, light, tasty omelette with a very low calorie count. It is also great if you cook from scratch a lot, as often recipes call for a little beaten egg for binding/glazing/coating and this product saves breaking and wasting a whole egg you only need a couple of spoonfuls.

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3/20/11 1:21 P

No, isn't something we have here... cracking an egg isn't that much effort for us *grins*

SMARTYPANTS24 Posts: 268
3/20/11 12:01 P

Its a premixed egg substitute, often with flavors added. They're quite pricey IMO, so I don't use them

Calorie for calorie, I use 2 large eggs where a recipe calls for 1 cup of egg beaters, and spices as needed for the right flavor, and add a little water if needed to make the consistency right (like in a fritata or quiche)

3/20/11 9:39 A

Hi, I am in the UK and I keep seeing some great recipes here that specify eggbeaters in the ingredients? What are eggbeaters? I dont think we get them in the UK! Can anyone suggest a good alternative please? thanks :)

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