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11/6/13 1:56 P

If you sweat a lot, my guess is maybe you are not drinking enough to accompany how much water your body is giving out.

11/6/13 6:18 A

thank you for your answers
i wouldn't worry that much if it was just the scale at the pharmacy... but there's also that previous experience at the dietician's that gets me so anxious.

11/6/13 6:17 A

I'm careful with sodium
i sweat a lot during the day, while on the run
my bmi is close to 30, but i've been as far as 49.5 a fewe\ years ago

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11/6/13 2:05 A

Apart from your current weight, things like how much you sweat can make a difference, too. Some people sweat a lot in their sleep (and the mattress absorbs it) but not so much when awake, so you don't necessarily get an accurate idea of how much you sweat.

Are you on medications that can affect the amount of fluid within your body.

Some foods are a natural diuretic. Celery and parsley or two of these - and so are a lot of herbal teas. BUT on the other hand, a lot of fruits/veges contain loads of water but don't have as much of an effect, so at least in theory it is possible that varying your diet over time can influence the amount of fluid in your body.

One of the Coaches or your Dietitian may be able to throw some light on that, tho'!


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11/5/13 9:19 P

Are you very obese? Fat is dry while muscle is wet, so if you have a lot of fat, you'll have a lower percentage of water. In fact, that's how the cheap-o "fat percentage scales" actually work-- they measure water instead of fat, and then use a mathematical formula to guess how that water translates to fat. 60% fluid is average for a young adult male and 55% is typical for a "standard" young adult female. If you've got a lot of weight to lose, 45% wouldn't be too surprising. It doesn't mean you're dehydrated in the sense of not drinking enough liquid, but it would be linked to diabetes because obesity is linked to diabetes. When you reduce the percentage of you that's made up of dry, fluffy fat, you'll increase the percentage of you that's made up of water.

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11/5/13 8:01 P

Do you normally consume a lot of sodium? I believe the average daily sodium intake should be no more than 2,500.

11/5/13 6:36 P

i drink and have always drunk my water plain and spread among the day.
i drink whenever i feel thirst is on its way, which is often.

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11/5/13 6:18 P

Hi. I recently came back from seeing a Dietician myself. Do you put anything in the water that you drink or do you just have it plain? Also, do you spread out when you drink the water or do you tend to drink it all at once? I normally spread out my water intake with a glass with every meal including snack and my personal daily water intake is around 62 oz. a day. Some people do go by weight and height, but I have been drinking the same amount even back when I weighed in the 200's.

11/5/13 5:47 P

quite a few months, during my previous weight loss attempt, I decided to have my metabolism measured. (Don't ask me what method i used, i went to a dietician and i don't know).
on the report paper, there was also information about body fat % and body fluids.
The dietician told me that I was dehydrated (which came as a surprise because I've always drunk more than my 8 a day and urine is of a really pale yellow-or even white color).
At that time I exercised like 30-60 minutes a day. Fast walking.
Since then I've gained and lost again. And now I'm also dieting, and I'm almost 10 kgs (20 pounds) lighter than then.
Anyway, one day i saw one of those fancy electronic scales, (which are tall and where you hold some kind of handles at the back of the screen and they measure your fluids,metabolism, body fat and body muscle percentage) at the local pharmacy,and I decided to weigh in and have a body report.
I did that twice, the 2nd time being about 10 days later than the 1st time.
Both times, my body fluids were amazingly low.Slightly higher than the time when i had the dietician measuring me. The 2nd time they were also slightly higher than the 1st time.

This time I was told that I was retaining water. I'm actually strength training every day to help alleviate chronic back pain. So it could be possible that i was retaining in my muscles. But I know that it doesn't last longer than 7 days max. And it's been 10 days.

In numbers: body fluids must be over 60%. Mine are always lower than 45 %.

Note: I got a skinny sister who dieted this summer because she gained some pounds after receiving treatment for her asthma attacks. She wasn't fat, she just got from skinny to slim and her clothes were more tight and she didn't like it. Anyway, she went to a dietician to make sure she did everything right and she also got a similar report. Her body fluids were also significantly low, but she isn't a water lover. She gets through the day with 2-3 glasses only.
I don't know if it is a family thing or something.

Should I see a doctor? I know there's a diabetes related thing to water and stuff and I'm quite worried.

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