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1/22/13 9:01 A

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Apart from the weight of the weighs your fitness tracker has some of the answers.

Go to your fitness tracker and look for fitness set up, in there is an idea of what you should be doing when you set up. It can be changed up or down to fit you life style

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1/22/13 8:56 A

What kind of weights are you doing? Are you challenging yourself with heavy enough weights to fatigue your muscles in 8-12 reps (or less) or are you using very light weights? What kind of program are you following?

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1/22/13 7:15 A

You want to get your eating under control. The more you exercise the hungry you get. Log everything you eat. Drink plenty of water. Don't over-exercise - some people will work out for a couple hours a day and then they get burned out. Cut out processed foods. Eat more lean meat. Good Luck.

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1/22/13 6:46 A

A few key principles to get the most out of your strength workouts:

* rest your muscles for at least 48 hours between ST sessions - this implies 2-3 ST sessions per week
* lift heavy (enough to fatigue your muscles in 12 reps or less - the fewer the better)
* choose compound exercise that work several muscles at once - examples of compound exercises include squats, planks, pushups, bent over dumbbell raises

This should allow you to get a full-body workout in just 20-30 minutes, 2-3 times per week.


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1/21/13 8:41 P

remember to eat a healty diet too. Working out is only 10% of the plan 80% is nutrition and the other 10% is genetics.

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1/21/13 8:27 P


As the previous poster mentioned, both are important, so you should have a program that integrates both, but don't dismiss the need to follow a healthy diet as well.

Coach Nancy

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1/21/13 7:19 P

I think both are important. I usually do a 10 min warm up, then weights, then cardio

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1/21/13 6:23 P

My friends and i are really keen to lose wait for when we go to Thailand on new years.
we have started doing weights and going for runs at our nearest park but I'm just wondering how we can incorporate weights and cardio to best enhance our workout time.

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