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7/24/11 3:17 P

Yes...the big diff. is the price. I did WW and realized SP is the same; just FREE!

It wasn't just the cost of meetings, either; but convenience. In the winter, it could be a little more difficult to get to meetings and you'd still have the meeting paid for. Then there's the price of gas. And they'd have all those products that you absolutely had to have; from food items to points calculators. Then when you thought you had it all figured out...they would change the program! I just got tired of trying to keep up. And...I did try online for awhile. But like they say, "why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free?"


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7/24/11 12:14 P

I joined WW On-Line in November; I managed to lose about 13 pounds, but put it back on. the points plus thing was starting to drive me crazy. I heard about SP at work, and decided to give it a try. My problem is motivation! Kind of the same thing, people on both sites are great, supportive, encouraging. But, SP is free and WW on line, has a monthly fee. Sooo, I may just cancel the WW altogether.

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7/24/11 12:07 P

Good support group but expensive, I no longer go to the meetings .

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7/24/11 12:01 P

I liked weight watchers group meetings - we had a great leader and some of my friends went at the beginning. I got to goal weight with ww. However, I found that I needed some help to keep at goal weight and spark was best for me to keep at goal weight as it's on line so it takes less time and it's free (which I like).

PEDAL-PUSHER Posts: 6,501
7/24/11 11:58 A

Spark is FREE. Unless things have changed in the last 6 years, even on-line, there is a fee for WW. I was turned offf WW in 2005 due to lousy leadership and to much promoting of their brands. I gained back all I had lost. I need a lifestyle, not a diet. WW gave me a diet.

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7/24/11 10:30 A

whats the difference between weight watchers and spark people?

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