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NIRERIN Posts: 14,274
6/4/13 8:29 P

death and decomposition to bone is the only way i know of to have an absolutely steady weight. because your body isn't a 10lb container of cat litter. you are living,breathing and constantly changing thing. part of that change is the things you ingest [water and food] because eating them is the same thing as standing on the scale with them until such a point as those items are converted enough to be used by the body. and when you breathe you lose water. when you sweat, you lose water. you excrete the waste you don't use. and water is heavy [half a pound per cup] so how much happens to be in you at any given moment makes a big deal. exercise can make you retain water. how much salt you eat can make you retain water. your body can and will vary by up to 5lbs per day, every day. in other words, if you weigh 150lbs, that means you're going to regularly see numbers from about 145-155 on the scale. doesn't mean you gained or lost weight, just that you happen to have [or to not have] things in you at the moment.

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
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6/4/13 2:46 P

It's normal for weight to fluctuate, it isn't a static number. Everything from food/liquid recently consumed, how hydrated you are, hormones, time of day you weigh yourself, exercise etc... effects scale weight. So you can't fix it, it happens to everyone.

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,764
6/4/13 1:28 P

Are you tracking the calories or just tracking the food (writing down the food)? With consistent calorie restriction and exercise it should be going down.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
6/4/13 12:05 P

Our weight changes all the time - if you were to weigh yourself several times throughout the day, you may find that your weight may change by 5 lbs in a single day! It's nothing wrong or something that needs to be "fixed", our bodies constantly have a shifting water level, food that's digesting, little things that cause fluctuations in weight (though you're not actually gaining and losing fat).

This is why it's recommended you only weight once per week and at the same day/time - it shows a more accurate average than stepping on the scale every morning and seeing every up and down.

HONEY-ROSE Posts: 8,595
6/4/13 11:45 A

The only other thing I did that seems to help me is change to a 9 inch plate, it seems small at first but you get used to it. Lots of plates today measure 12 inches and that means we still fill the plate and even with good foods the calories still mount up.
The larger the plate the more food we can get on it just an idea.

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6/4/13 11:30 A

thank you it seems that no matter how good i eat it still happens lol

HONEY-ROSE Posts: 8,595
6/4/13 11:22 A

When this happens to me I take a look at the foods I ate, I don't know if you track your food. I don't use the tracker here as I find it too fiddly so I use a journal and record everything I eat as I eat it. Mine is small enough to carry with me in my bag. That way I can see what I had during the day.
Sometimes I eat more than I think when I look back and can see where the extra calories are.
I only weigh myself once a week. Don't forget at certain times you may retain water so this will make a difference as well.

I don't know if this helps and I am sure others will reply as well with more tips for you.
What ever you do Dont Give Up emoticon it takes time to figure out what is best for you but you will get there.

SARA3141990 SparkPoints: (957)
Fitness Minutes: (197)
Posts: 25
6/4/13 11:10 A

it seems like no matter how much i exercise and how many good foods i eat my weight still goes up and down how can i fix this ?

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