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12/2/13 9:48 P

Hi! IVYLASS is right! For personal experience I can say that when I started this journey I was a cardio - bunny which was a big mistake, when I started to lift weights I saw the scale go up and I felt terrible! But then I realized that the clothes that were thigh before I started weight training fit better and my body changed a lot! (I have muscular legs and big bottom from birth but after I started to do weight lifting this parts have become really sexy! -sorry is just that I really like the way they look-)

And so I can only tell you that the way you eat is really important: eat 5 or more portions of real veggies and fruit (not canned "natural" juices) and you will see even better results.

Also, give yourself a month, when your muscles are growing they tend to store water (which also contains the lipids, proteins and good carbs that help them grow) after this first phase the water will come down and you will have a leaner, better looking body.

Have patience!


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Muscle takes up less room than fat, so as you get stronger your muscles will get bigger. It may appear that you are gaining weight, but you're probably just gaining muscle. Break out the tape measure instead of the scale. You must work on your abs EVERY DAY to see a difference. I do Body Pump three times a week and I used to fret about the weight gain. Then I saw a picture of a woman who does a bunch more strength training than I do. She weighs 150 pounds and wears a size 4.

I stopped worrying after that. emoticon

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I am working out 7 days a week. I have a great personal trainer. I just started a weight training program. I have gained three pounds in two weeks since I began my new weight program. I do weights four days a week and cardio on the other three. I have started the Paleo Eating Program. Is it normal to gain weight in a new Weight Training Program. I feel trimmer in my upper body and thighs but not my stomach.

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